[ US /ˈhwɛtɪŋ, ˈwɛtɪŋ/ ]
[ UK /wˈɛtɪŋ/ ]
  1. the act of making something wet
  2. a euphemism for urination
    he had to take a leak
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How To Use wetting In A Sentence

  • Typically, this part of the film is edited so unemphatically that it appears to place equal emphasis on the little boy's bed-wetting and the death of his mother.
  • We collapsed in fits, the tutor had overheard and was almost wetting herself, and the 5 others were demanding to know what we'd said.
  • I just checked my email and received quite a nasty one from someone who was practically wetting themself because I hadn't replied to an earlier email.
  • Applying more than 0.2 inch may result in water puddling or running off the site rather than just wetting the plants and infiltrating into the soil.
  • At the initial interview, I found out that he also strongly feared the dark, had a history of night terrors and bed-wetting, and sometimes burst out in a violent temper.
  • Children in detention exhibited symptoms including bed-wetting, sleep walking and night terrors.
  • I manage to cope with the indignity well, despite the patients and nurses almost wetting themselves with laughter at the sight of me squirming as the needle is inserted.
  • For some young children bladder control is more difficult to achieve at night - enuresis, commonly known as bed-wetting, has been discussed by physicians since the days of Galen and Hippocrates.
  • I've received many letters like yours, and enuresis (the fancy word for bed-wetting) is not uncommon among children or pre-teens.
  • The essay is a personal one, about life lived through cinematic markers, childhood laughter and pants-wetting (the author's brother's pants, not the author's) while watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon, a queer adolescence that highlighted choices in screenings and choices society wouldn't let him make in the hormonally-charged back row seats, and adulthood musings on the Kiwi itch to travel and New Zealand's rediscovery of herself through her own filmmaking achievements. GreenCine Daily: New Zealand Dispatch.
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