How To Use Well-intentioned In A Sentence

  • Most likely the omission is a well-intentioned desire to avoid inflicting further pain, but the effect is nonetheless hurtful to a griever who ends up feeling ignored. Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: How to Console a Grieving Friend During the Holidays
  • He is well-intentioned but a poor administrator.
  • They were good, well-intentioned people doing their job. Times, Sunday Times
  • Everyone knows that this is rather fanciful, if well-intentioned. Times, Sunday Times
  • Everyone knows that this is rather fanciful, if well-intentioned. Times, Sunday Times
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  • Youlus, an Orthodox rabbi and sofer, or Torah scribe, told his well-intentioned but gullible marks, among other things, that he had found two such Torah scrolls buried in what he called a "Gestapo body bag" in a Ukrainian mass-grave of murdered Jews. Menachem Rosensaft: Demanding Accountability In The 'Holocaust Torah Scrolls' Scam
  • Even the most intelligent and well-intentioned judge can create a mess by indulging in hair-splitting that, at least on its own narrow terms, may seem reasonable.
  • No matter how supportive of your transition they claim to be, and how much well-intentioned advice they give you about your new hairstyle, or the name you always used in your head but only just told them about, they misgender you every other time they open their mouths, and get quite upset if you call them on it. Life and style |
  • I'm sure he's well-intentioned - he wouldn't mean any harm.
  • Too often, film or television projects from well-intentioned people are unmarketable, poorly executed and scarred with red flags that signify the work of an amateur.
  • Only instead of the inflammatory word, "abolishment" how about the realistic, "phasing out of a well-intentioned but poorly devised plan" which really just ended up being a Ponzi scheme. Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • In schools, where parents put their trust in teachers and dinner ladies, even the most well-intentioned child can be led astray by vending machines.
  • a well-intentioned but clumsy waiter
  • Then there were the cancer followers, well-intentioned people who could see a picture far bigger than the one that had bike racers and cheering fans. Times, Sunday Times
  • To some he was solid, reliable, well-intentioned and a rugby man to the tips of his bootlaces.
  • The proposal for a refuge, while well-intentioned, is not the solution to the problem of unwanted, abandoned pet reptiles.
  • Nudging people for their own benefit in unobtrusive ways is part of what the co-authors call “libertarian paternalism,” a seeming oxymoron that links the notions of freedom from constraint and firm, well-intentioned guidance. The unbearable arrogance of the "Nudge-ers"
  • We’ve all stumbled through those historical novels where the plot and dialogue have been overwhelmed by the author’s well-intentioned research; my favorite term for this was coined by a reviewer: “gadzookery.” Archive 2009-07-01
  • In effect, these well-intentioned subsidies have the perverse effect of shielding colleges from the kind of market discipline that would have forced them to hold down prices by constantly improving their productivity and efficiency, as happens in just about every other industry. Subsidies Raise Prices, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Everyone knows that this is rather fanciful, if well-intentioned. Times, Sunday Times
  • Edinburgh is a city of 450,000 people; Festival visitors, who are all well-intentioned and unthreatening, last year numbered half a million, spread over three weeks - not on one day.
  • I have none of the guilt that seems to plague many well-intentioned, but frustrated anglophones and francophones.
  • Poor Germain, thitherto so worthy and so well-intentioned, rose in the morning an adventurer -- an adventurer, it is true, driven by desperation and anguish into his dangerous part, and grasping the hope of nevertheless yet winning by some forlorn good deed the forgiveness of her who was otherwise lost to him. The False Chevalier or, The Lifeguard of Marie Antoinette
  • The well-intentioned results condescend to both artists and businesspeople while shedding no light on either world.
  • These clients often attempt to manipulate with words, performance skills, dollars and the reflected glory of their celebrity and then "entrap" the ofttimes well-intentioned but blindly ambitious physician into becoming a part of their "entourage. Celebrity "Roadkill": A Black Box Warning for Physicians
  • So we try, and try again with well-intentioned, if muddle-headed, purpose - and manage only to annoy ever more people.
  • They were well-intentioned creatures of abnormal physical strength and they were easily taken in by women.
  • You may be well-intentioned, but you have created a whole drama - where the wife is at risk, no less - based on what is most likely a kinky pastime.
  • Audi made the well-intentioned mistake of taking us from and to the airport in flagship A8 limousines, not one of which rode as well as this.
  • Update, 1/25: Scott Weinberg at Cinematical: I'd like to say that the film, for all its grunge, grime and bleakness, is a well-intentioned piece, but I never really got that impression from Weapons. GreenCine Daily: Sundance. Weapons.
  • The rest of the time he looked less like a hero with mystical powers and more like a well-intentioned English teacher with a penchant for fell-walking.
  • First, you make well-intentioned promises to throw a small, intimate gathering, with minimal frills and no bells or whistles.
  • Here are our guiltiest well-intentioned sins - and how to put them right. Times, Sunday Times
  • My well-intentioned efforts actually make matters worse. Christianity Today
  • This well-intentioned but toothless law will do nothing to improve the situation.
  • Then 4,000 bewigged and bedazzled ticket holders will enter the richly decorated ballrooms, dance floors, and courtyards of the historic building for a wild waltz of well-intentioned decadence.
  • That sort of collectivisation and communisation of incentives, however well-intentioned, is something that the American psyche is, on a long term basis, uncomfortable with. Matthew Yglesias » EFCA in International Comparison
  • Organizers had crowed happily as they gazed upon the sea of young faces, but could offer the juvenescent crowd only well-intentioned but sad displays of paleofeminism. Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • Phil Kirk, executive director of North Carolina Citizens for Business and Industry, calls Womble's bill a well-intentioned but unfair, burden. Sweetness & Light
  • But wild animals have been known to turn on their masters and well-intentioned defenders.
  • He has a job at a lumberyard, a sympathetic boss, and a well-intentioned brother-in-law.
  • Anything remotely religious or somehow well-intentioned can be properly assigned to the pastor. Christianity Today
  • The same is true of so many well-intentioned schemes for the socially disadvantaged and the rural poor.
  • In her present fragile state, an inquisition, nomatterhow well-intentioned, would have shattered her into a million pieces.
  • Staff are chatty, well-intentioned and deliberately unstuffy which all adds to the charm and there's also an acceptable mini wine list for wine buffs (as opposed to beer fans) which is very sensibly priced.
  • I think one of the hardest parts for my mother was fighting off all the well-intentioned people who tried to drug me.
  • I've read that the recipe book gathered some vitriolic discussion over on RA's tagboard over some missing ingredients in some recipes, well-intentioned people simply using the book for fame and glory, the usual defeatist comments that seems all too common in our country. Global Voices in English » Bloggers raise funds for Brunei Special Olympics Team
  • Despite the unresolved allegations of sleaze and corruption, it is a matter of conviction to this writer that the bulk of our politicians are decent and well-intentioned.
  • We do not want to be dubbed killjoys but we do urge respect and consideration for others and ask parents to take responsibility for their children, ensuring well-intentioned, light-hearted pranks do not get out of hand.
  • OSHA is well-intentioned, but OSHA regulations are so pervasive and so particular that no business in America isn't violating the regulations in some fashion or another. Your Right Hand Thief
  • Well-intentioned development projects can have unintended negative effects on population control.
  • No one does conferences, workshops and teach-ins better than those well-intentioned and passionate liberal Christians.
  • To some he was solid, reliable, well-intentioned and a rugby man to the tips of his bootlaces.
  • It is a sad fact that musical education seems to be for the privileged few, despite the well-intentioned efforts of established musicians. Times, Sunday Times
  • Well-intentioned parents, he says, mold their children from pre-school to high school in preparation for admission in to one of the Ivies.
  • As to relations with the opposite sex, Skinner would cut no ice with Germaine Greer but he makes a well-intentioned if misdirected stab at equality.
  • When a well-intentioned program yields unwelcome results, for example, a truth-aversive organization will seek to minimize or disguise these consquences.
  • And Martin's character — this well-intentioned head of the firm — botches it up. How I Met Your Mother Scoop: Barney's Epic Wedding and How Ted Got His Groove Back
  • No amount of money, police harassment, or made-for-teevee humiliation is going to force everybody to follow some naïve, well-intentioned (if we're being charitable), teetotalling life plan. Davis Sweet: Free Rush Limbaugh! (Again)
  • Well-intentioned U.N. officials had to run from their cars, which were then looted and set ablaze.
  • Yesterday's marchers were good-hearted and well-intentioned.
  • So much for all those well-intentioned statements in recent weeks about aid to poverty-stricken developing countries.
  • Worthy and well-intentioned, which is a backhanded compliment for a not-bad film. DVDs: Japanese Noir? Hai!
  • Yet some complain that despite government funding and a well-intentioned bureaucracy, co-ops are free to exclude any resident they consider undesirable.
  • We favor management of the forest by trained professional foresters using approved forestry practices as has been done in the past and without interference from well-intentioned but misguided advocates of single-use concepts. The Good Fight
  • However well-intentioned that allusion might have been, it undercut the work's subtle emotional power.
  • The sad thing about this ill-considered (but well-intentioned) proposal is that both problem and social drinkers will spend more on booze (and as alkies have a relatively inelastic demand curve for booze they will spend proportionately more than the rest), leaving less money for food and rent. In praise of the SNP
  • While the Dvorksy essay on "curing" fundamentalism that Stephen links to is well-intentioned George says of the fundamentalists that he wants to "return to them free will, rationality and self-respect" in order to help give their lives "meaning and purpose", I tend to share Stephen's concerns about this kind of memetic engineering. The Speculist: The Danger of "Memetic Engineering"
  • He had taken the well-intentioned sop of a management role with the sheikh but his fertile brain was rebelling. Times, Sunday Times
  • Still, Lelyveld relates the more compelling story of how a supremely well-intentioned man struggled, through five decades of activism, with a series of evasions, compromises, setbacks, and defeats.
  • The story raises a knotty, if hypothetical, issue: Is it possible that well-intentioned efforts like the Jordan Valley project might ultimately be self-defeating?
  • He's affable but obnoxious, well-intentioned but downright dorky.
  • Lee radiates well-intentioned niceness, which is no replacement for stage presence or good material.
  • I hated how it was brainwashing a generation of bright and well-intentioned children, transforming them into a ghettoized and incurious suburban middle-class.
  • It's wrong because people live messy lives, which don't fit neatly into the segmented programs of well-intentioned officials.
  • He gave a long and well-intentioned but muddleheaded and boring speech about the whole concept he keeps blathering on about.

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