1. properly nourished
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How To Use well-fed In A Sentence

  • On February 26, 1874, Welch illustrated that evening's theme, ‘Sunshine and Shadow,’ with a depiction of a skeletal cur looking with envy at two well-fed dogs in a kennel.
  • Are the fields well administered, the livestock well provisioned, the family members well-fed, well-clothed, well-sheltered? John Dominic Crossan: With Liberty And Justice For All: Why The Bible Promotes Equality
  • A lion pride can bring down a water buffalo, and then defend the carcass against hyenas; a lone lion is unlikely to be very lordly, or even well-fed.
  • Erich Fromm's 1955 tome The Sane Society signaled the debut of the one-dimensional “marketing character” -- a robotic all-consuming creature who is “well-fed, well-entertained, but passive, unalive, and lacking in feeling.”
  • For some reason today he was smiling, though to Alec it looked like the grin on the face of a well-fed boa constrictor. THE THIRD CLASS GENIE
  • The turkey and black vultures at the park are well-fed and then scared into bringing up their food to supply the chicks.
  • While that may be overstating things just a little, it must be said that he has the air of a well-fed tomcat sitting on a square-mile of linoleum with a petrified mouse in his grasp.
  • The soft sound of a limousine purred through the area grating and two well-fed figures in sealskin coats, led by the "friendly visitor," appeared at the door. Hungry Hearts
  • If one were to move past the octaroon level to the “one drop” standard, one could keep some kids really busy not to mention well-fed getting in touch with their heritage. The Volokh Conspiracy » Judicial Discussion of Facts as Endorsement of Their Relevance:
  • This specimen is a lovely, relaxed, well-fed rosy boa constrictor. WHERE THE HEART IS
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