[ UK /wˈi‍əɹɪli/ ]
[ US /ˈwɛɹəɫi/ ]
  1. in a weary manner
    he walked around tiredly
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How To Use wearily In A Sentence

  • The coroner, a thin, elderly, spectacled man, dressed entirely in black, peered disapprovingly at the crowd and wearily sighed as he took his place at the table.
  • He sighed wearily as he looked at the pile of work.
  • Thus the newspaper man, wearily certain that regardless of what he asks or how he asks it, he will hear for answers only the clumsy asininities behind which the personalities, leaders and sacred white cows pompously attitudinize, gets so that he mumbles a bit incoherently. A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago
  • Breakfast rooms across India display a vista of glazed eyes ploughing wearily through the turgid, circumlocutory language of the morning papers.
  • She sat now on a little stool that she had made for herself of empty tomato cans, covered with gaily flowered cretonne, and drawing back the muslin frilled curtains, looked wearily over the fields. The Second Chance
  • He rubbed a hand wearily over his eyes.
  • Skyler awoke when the bus stopped and walked wearily from the bus.
  • The whips who failed miserably to dragoon the rebels through the ‘No’ lobby on Wednesday wearily admit that a mass revolt by more than a third of backbenchers cannot be passed off as a mere blip.
  • He wearily levered himself in and sat awhile watching the street.
  • Robbie Conal, who had Lobdell as his graduate advisor at Stanford in the late '70s says that "Frank would mutter at me, sometimes wearily, sometimes conspiratorially, every time we were together for more than half an hour; 'Nothing worth anything is easy.' John Seed: Frank Lobdell: "Nothing Worth Anything Is Easy"
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