wear away

  1. become ground down or deteriorate
    Her confidence eroded
  2. diminish, as by friction
    Erosion wore away the surface
  3. cut away in small pieces
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How To Use wear away In A Sentence

  • During gnawing, as the incisors grind against each other, they wear away the softer dentine, leaving the enamel edge as the blade of a chisel.
  • People have been struggling for years to try and design a very fast rotating boat propeller that doesn't cavitate and literally wear away the metal and put holes in it, just like these pictures show. Sheila Patek clocks the fastest animals
  • The leather is starting to wear away at the seams.
  • I do not know, even now as I write, how it was that Sir Edmund met his end, whether he had killed himself, as I think -- for he was of a melancholiac disposition, as was his father and his grandfather before him -- or whether, as indeed I think possible, he was murdered by the very man who swore so many Catholic lives away, by way of giving colour to his own designs -- for if a man will swear away twenty lives, what should hinder him from taking one? Oddsfish!
  • Herbert! don't you see, _won't you see_, that, if you leave the one great sin all uncovered, open to the continual attrition of a life of goodness, God _will_ let it wear away? The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 58, August, 1862
  • She uses acid to etch designs into the surface of metal plates, echoing the way that wind and water wear away at stone over time.
  • From this distance, painted from this perspective, the waters appear calm, but he knows that the flow has the power to wear away the rocks and the might to shape the landscape.
  • That the constant droppings wear away a stone is not for their force but persistence spirit.
  • To often ambulating , trample or wear away the place such as fierce porch, can add buy sheet small blanket, avoid carpet generation is local heavy corrupt or attaint.
  • Continually running an older car not designed to use unleaded petrol will eventually cause the coating to wear away, causing damage to the valves and cylinder heads.
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