[ US /ˈwikən/ ]
[ UK /wˈiːkən/ ]
  1. reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of
    de-escalate a crisis
  2. lessen the strength of
    The fever weakened his body
  3. destroy property or hinder normal operations
    The Resistance sabotaged railroad operations during the war
  4. become weaker
    The prisoner's resistance weakened after seven days
  5. lessen in force or effect
    soften a shock
    break a fall
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How To Use weaken In A Sentence

  • The beneficial properties of the sulphureous springs which could weaken muscle and articular diseases and skin illnesses, were already well-known by the 5th century B.C.
  • A prolonged period of low investment will weaken productivity and longterm potential growth. Times, Sunday Times
  • Nevertheless, the international credit crunch and the weakening of global growth will "aggravate" the slowdown of the Icelandic economy, Mr. Haarde said. As Iceland's Krona Falls,
  • The currency had already been weakened after China carried out the biggest devaluation in two decades last year. Times, Sunday Times
  • It is found that the government bond is in low proportion. This will weaken the Central Banks currency control in depression and capital disposal.
  • In fact he was suspicious of any technological advance that might weaken the ‘master race’.
  • Parker also said that much of what Rhee achieved in contract talks already existed in D.C. law but was not used by her predecessors, including the power to weaken seniority protections for teachers who are "excessed," or let go from their jobs because of school closures. D.C. Teachers' Union election will affect survival of Rhee's initiatives
  • The corrosion of reinforcing bar can weaken its strength and ductility, and then cause structural bearing capacity to reduce.
  • All the organs of the body, the ductless glands included, are weakened.
  • The approach starts with a weakened version of a microbe called an adenovirus.
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