How To Use Water-colour In A Sentence

  • She could play upon the harp and paint in water-colours, and her needlework was a picture, but not half so pretty a picture as her face. Merry-Garden and Other Stories
  • Over the washstand was a little black-framed water-colour drawing, depicting a large eye with an extremely fishlike intensity in the spark of light on the dark pupil; and in "illuminated" lettering beneath was printed very minutely, "Thou God Seest ME," followed by a long looped monogram, The Best British Short Stories of 1922
  • He posed a nude model to fix the exact posture of Salome in the water-colour version of The Apparition in the Louvre.
  • On the easel was a wild abstract in crude bright colours, bearing no visible relation at all to the scene in the harbour before them; it was unexpected, compared to the neat, anaemic little water-colours that nineteen out of twenty Trewissick harbour-painters produced. Greenwitch
  • Canadian war artists, commissioned and attached to units of all three services, produced a splendid array of oils, water-colours, and sketches.
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  • However, he must be a man of means, as he has given her a charming flat, beautifully decorated with water-colours which the Colonel salved from the French château in the early days -- these army fellows had all the chances. The Diary of a U-boat Commander With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes by Etienne
  • Men who fish, botanise, work with the turning-lathe, or gather sea-weeds, will make admirable husbands and a little amateur painting in water-colour shows the innocent and quiet mind. Virginibus Puerisque and other papers
  • There are no music examples, but, as in Professor Todd's biography, a number of plates that illustrate Mendelssohn's talent as a draughtsman and water-colourist.
  • I also picture the pool of liquid paint that forms in the dipped centre of a water-colour tablet when you apply water as a lake; some call it a puddle but that's a different kind of romance for me!
  • Hitherto my whole bent had been towards pale, remote, and evanescent; the water-colour world Louis, the leafy recesses of Malory, l the twilight of Y eats. ilt iron in Malory, the tragedy of contrition, I did not yet at all L Surprised by Joy
  • By about 1930 she had ceased painting, though for several more years she made small, colourful, increasingly abstract water-colours.
  • He hated beyond most things the "varnishy" look of some modern work; and his own oil pictures had so much of the manner of frescoes in their lustreless depth, that they were sometimes mistaken for water-colours, while, on the other hand, his water-colours had often so much depth and brilliancy as sometimes to be mistaken for oil. Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  • The most interesting sites were recommended to M. Lacaze, whose portfolio was soon filled with about two hundred illustrations, in oil and water-colours, pencil croquis and “sun-pictures.” The Land of Midian

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