How To Use Water flea In A Sentence

  • In addition, numbers of gynandromorphic daphnia rose when they were exposed to a particular pesticide - pyriproxyfen - and the effect increased when the water fleas were also exposed to warmer temperatures.
  • There never was a rock that bounded like a kangaroo, never a pebble that crawled like a beetle seeking a mate, never a sand grain that swam like a water flea.
  • In the lab, Diamond recently showed a visitor how he exposed tiny water fleas called daphnia to titanium dioxide nanoparticles. News & Features from Minnesota Public Radio
  • The same pattern of asexual reproduction occurs in water fleas, aphids and even a few lizards.
  • In some habitats, in addition to the aquatic insect larvae, crustaceans such as freshwater shrimp, crayfishes, and tiny free-swimming “water fleas” are important food items. Trout and Salmon of North America
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  • Similarly, the tiny water flea develops a large protective ‘helmet’ when predaceous larvae of the Chaoborus fly are present in the water nearby.
  • And watched three-spined stickleback fish hunt water fleas, to the accompaniment of either white noise calibrated to match the noise level of speedboats or a silent track as a control.

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