How To Use Water cooler In A Sentence

  • It won't help you achieve a spurious state of spiritual well-being, or help flush toxins out of your system - but it will help you to understand what your boss, your back-stabbing colleague or that girl at the water cooler really think of you.
  • And in any case, isn't it better in organisational terms to encourage them to congregate around the water cooler or in the restaurants or cafeterias which, one assumes, form part of this massively expensive complex?
  • He can do the work because he understands computer circuitry but can't climb the promotions ladder because he can't play politics around the water cooler or take part comfortably in lunchroom banter. It's a smaller world
  • It won't help you achieve a spurious state of spiritual well-being, or help flush toxins out of your system - but it will help you to understand what your boss, your back-stabbing colleague or that girl at the water cooler really think of you.
  • Kerry campaign volunteers left the rally scene and returned with water cooler jugs and passed cups through the crowd.
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  • I felt somewhat embarrassed and on the way back to my desk, I almost tripped over the water cooler, slopping Fred's oh so precious caffeinated brew.
  • And while nothing has been officially announced, don't be surprised if a company called "Advics" in Aichi Prefecture (state), Japan, becomes water cooler talk over the next few weeks (then just magically goes away); they might supply both Honda and Toyota with the same offending parts. Steve Parker: Toyota/Honda Recall -- What's Really Happening?
  • The All-Star team is always a good topic for discussion around the water cooler or at the bar.
  • Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle.
  • I find pleasure in the simpler things in life, like home made out of order signs placed on coke machines, elevators, water coolers etc.
  • Have you noticed recent personality clashes, suddenly overly-friendly colleagues, or small huddled groups round water coolers who stop talking as you approach?
  • I'm sitting in the dugout and notice a water cooler with the word "ammonia" written on it. Front Page
  • He went to the water cooler, tucked the gun under his arm and pulled down one of the paper cups. DOLL'S EYES
  • LG CNS's executives worried that BizTweet users might become too focused on nonwork items, becoming a kind of electronic water cooler that couldn't be controlled, says Choi So-young, a company spokeswoman who participated in the test. Korean Firm Tweaks Twitter for Workers
  • He stood up and went past Dillworthy's desk as if he were heading for the water cooler. DOLL'S EYES
  • In addition, it needs more collector area than water cooler by reduce the collector efficiency in the wind cooler under the same situation.
  • The black oaks jostle and the mistletoe puts up its mitts to vie for the sweet-throated throstle where the black oaks jostle over a back fence and vie for the sweet-throated throstle, seeming no less tense over a back fence than the chestnuts dishing the dirt, seeming no less tense than so many introverts, than the chestnuts dishing the dirt down by the water cooler. The Best American Poetry 2008
  • They can even image your computers at night, to avoid inevitable discussions by the water cooler.
  • It was fodder for water cooler and schoolyard discussions and dissections.
  • Montoya was a fascinating topic around the office water cooler: the elusive rich guy who employed everyone on the Sea Messenger. VITALS
  • To me, it's regular (say, every 3 hours) change of focus for a couple of minutes, be it checking a certain lifehacker site, be it walking up to the water cooler, and getting some water, or even just get up, walk a bit around the office and sit down again. Blow Your Nose, And Other Ways To Score A Quick Energy Boost | Lifehacker Australia
  • The gym-cum-spa where I currently sweat has a habit of posting Motivational Quotes in unavoidable places - little drumbeats of sagacity, affixed over the water cooler.
  • There was always gossip at the water cooler about what office people wouldn't change the water cooler when it was empty—horrible people who would pretend not to notice and skulk away, like they'd just doored a Benz in the parking lot. Water Cooler Topics Are Overflowing
  • Since disinfectants can leave unpleasant traces in water coolers and are difficult to apply, the best disinfection method is to use an ozonizer.
  • Something as simple as going to the water cooler for a drink may do the trick.
  • Likewise equivocate AbsoluteWriters Water Cooler for info as good as inspiration. TV Anime Guide for Nov 09 Updated 1 Nov 09
  • The water cooler burbled; Adam turned with the cup in one hand, gun in the other. DOLL'S EYES
  • People were watching a half-filled water cooler that was emitting an ominous rumbling sound.
  • And there's always a lot of sniping and carping in the newsroom and by the water cooler.
  • Now we get to the hardest part for a newbie to water cooling such as myself, the installation of this water cooler.

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