[ UK /wˈɔːtɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈwɔtɝ/ ]
  1. supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams
    Water the fields
  2. secrete or form water, as tears or saliva
    His eyes watered
    My mouth watered at the prospect of a good dinner
  3. provide with water
    We watered the buffalo
  4. fill with tears
    His eyes were watering
  1. once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles)
  2. liquid excretory product
    the child had to make water
    there was blood in his urine
  3. a facility that provides a source of water
    the town debated the purification of the water supply
    first you have to cut off the water
  4. binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid; freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade; widely used as a solvent
  5. the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)
    they invaded our territorial waters
    they were sitting by the water's edge
  6. a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants
    he asked for a drink of water
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How To Use water In A Sentence

  • But at lunch on the first day we were approached by the helpful Hotel Manager Henri and offered a swap to an overwater bungalow.
  • He specialized in moonlit and winter scenes, usually including a sheet of water and sometimes also involving the light of a fire, and he also painted sunsets and views at dawn or twilight.
  • The mysterious jack snipe is a typical bird of the often water-logged northern taiga, birch and willow country.
  • We carried spare water for the rad, a hand pump just in case the Dunlop pressure dropped, and maybe even a canister of petrol.
  • A boa made from black water mink is worth about 50 dollars, a collarette about $100,00 and a coat reaching down to the hips would cost about $250,00. Black Beaver The Trapper
  • The pictures show squares within squares - the water-holding depressions that in ancient times made the gardens fruitful.
  • Fly fishers in the salt water environment need something entirely different to their freshwater counterpart on the chalk stream, as does the angler who fishes big reservoirs.
  • Spanish-American War of 1898 Edison suggested to the Navy Department the adoption of a compound of calcium carbide and calcium phosphite, which when placed in a shell and fired from a gun would explode as soon as it struck water and ignite, producing a blaze that would continue several minutes and make the ships of the enemy visible for four or five miles at sea. Edison, His Life and Inventions
  • The pouring of pure water scented with jasmine oil washes away worries.
  • There is a fine square here called Madison, in the centre of which trees rise from fountain-watered grass, and statued figures of people who were men in their day and did things, palatial buildings, dignifying commerce, form the square. Impressions of a War Correspondent
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