How To Use Watchtower In A Sentence

  • Externally it resembles a cross between an Italian palazzo and a baronial hunting lodge tacked on to a far older watchtower.
  • We stayed overnight in a watchtower close to the altar.
  • We could have turned the planet into a slave camp of watchtowers and concertina wire if we had chosen.
  • Girona proper is steeped in the history of its medieval old city, a cobbled labyrinth of narrow alleys and watchtowers separated from the city's modern business district by the smooth-flowing Onyar River.
  • The main gate and the watchtower still stand with their ironwork inscriptions, ‘Each to his own’.
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  • Far below the existing fortified circuit of walls, there is another line of mud brick walls and watchtowers that separate the city from the wide flood plain of the Poshtrud River.
  • Even the sentries on the watchtowers were silent, as were the archers stationed at every crenelation along the eastern wall. The Soprano Sorceress
  • All of my natural inclinations registered heavily on the Watchtower sin-o-meter.
  • If there were guards posted in the watchtower, he could not see them from the covered porch because although the palisade was a simple pole structure, the gate itself had a doubled entry-way: You had to enter through the outer gate into a small, confined area, where you waited for the inner gate to be opened to admit you to the town. Spirit Gate
  • It is surrounded by trenches, electric wire and moats; there are watchtowers at regular intervals.
  • This is a complete misnomer; it is an eight metre high sheer concrete wall with watchtowers.
  • The 'super sangar' watchtower that stood at the entrance to the town of Newtonhamilton was a kind of landmark, a looming presence that told you in no uncertain terms that you were home again after a weekend visit to Dublin. Archive 2007-05-01
  • The Kiwis do security patrols around the base perimeter and man the watchtower on a roster system.
  • Around South Armagh, a predominantly republican area, the police state manifested itself most oppressively in Crossmaglen's RUC station and barracks, the infamous 'Borucki Sangar' a sangar is a temporary fortification, which loomed, stark and medieval, in the middle of a row of shops and pubs on the main square, its watchtower all-seeing. Castles of Ulster
  • The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
  • In addition to the watchtowers, the cold war confrontation point includes, on the Thuringia (eastern) side, a small museum called the House on the Border.
  • Although partially ruined, the watchtower had been rebuilt and fortified by Skarsnik's Goblins.
  • The watchtower followed the aircraft by radar.
  • The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
  • It was like a watchtower, with the town spread out below for his inspection. THE GOSPEL MAKERS
  • We are ushered through another checkpoint and eventually the road ends at a couple of watchtowers and heavily guarded barriers.
  • Mar. 6 : A Palestinian woman stands below a barrier watchtower decorated with two portraits.
  • Beyond the bridge, the metaled road began to climb the slope to the top of the ridge, and the watchtower. The Chaos Balance
  • Army watchtowers to be demolished with no Army presence in police stations and use of military helicopters for training purposes only.
  • It was like a watchtower, with the town spread out below for his inspection. THE GOSPEL MAKERS
  • Primal Wild: A Supernal Realm where the Ruling Arcana are Life and Spirit. Mages who walk the Thyrsus Path claim a Watchtower in this realm.
  • There's no fence, no razor wire, no watchtowers, no guard station.
  • In these mountainous areas, the typical Caucasian home is built like a fortress, with high watchtowers and six-metre walls.
  • Arcadia: A Supernal Realm where the Ruling Arcana are Fate and Time. Mages who walk the Acanthus Path claim a Watchtower in this realm.
  • Hotels, beaches and resorts may be required to have watchtowers for alerting public.
  • When we first stepped onto the Great Wall we were awe-struck by the never-ending structure snaking up into the hills in both directions, with little square watchtowers dotted along the horizon.
  • Prepare the table, watch the watchtower , eat, drink : arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.
  • Mar. 6 : A Palestinian woman stands below a barrier watchtower decorated with two portraits.
  • The word "speculator" comes from the Latin word "specula" (watchtower) and indicates someone who tries to "look far away" and thus metaphorically "look ahead", in other words to foresee future events. News
  • Before my name was written into the Watchtower, I was asleep.
  • On three of my assignments (one involving 48 hours in a very cramped "pillbox" watchtower), the commanding officers were 19-year-old girls. JPost Headlines
  • The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
  • He ordered thousands of watchtowers to be built 12 metres tall and 12 square metres at their base with 6-metre walls of granite joining them.
  • Can you confirm for us that you will, indeed, have sharpshooters in these hidden watchtowers up in the hills, that you're going to have agents on snowshoes and skis 24 hours a day guarding these venues?
  • The red pulse of the watchtower/lighthouse glows over the darkening scene, and this is what particularly commended the setting to Jan Kott, at a past performance which began at dusk.
  • The soldier in the watchtower radioed his colleagues in the operations room as Iman, who was on her way to school, was around 100 metres from the post.
  • The castles were built by the dukes, and barons, and other feudal chieftains of the middle ages, and they are placed in these commanding positions in order that the chieftains who lived in them might watch the river, and the roads leading along the banks of it, and come down with a troop of their followers to exact what they called tribute, but what those who had to pay it called plunder, from the merchants or travellers whom they saw from the windows of their watchtowers, passing up and down. Rollo on the Rhine
  • The archaeological indicators that Vikings once cruised offshore are the watchtowers built along the coasts of Spain, France, and Italy by people anxiously looking out for their signature longships.
  • However our experience to date has been that the watchtowers have now been replaced by frequent checkpoints on roads in the area.
  • Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower , eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.
  • The settlement perimeter is marked by watchtowers and torches and the village has its own cadre of border guards dressed in a sort of monk's habit in a mustard colour, which is thought to soothe the creatures.
  • The shed was a dark, gaping hole atop the watchtower, a screaming mouth. MINUTES TO BURN
  • Maybe have dumbledore and harry arrive on the watchtower with the dark mark already looming in the sky overhead, with the sound of a battle raging on below. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is worst of the series » Scene-Stealers
  • Built higher than the adjacent roof, this room commanded a watchtower 's view of the front and back of the house. COMPULSION
  • Another loose stone dropped from the watchtower, and Jehan glanced from the gap in the crenelation to Sarron itself even as an entire section of the city wall collasped like a waterfall of stone and a huge gout of dust billowed skyward. The Order War
  • We have wildfires out there, and there are watchtowers that are empty because of his cuts.
  • From the watchtowers a dust cloud is spied on the horizon.
  • The western terminal of the wall was at Bowness-on-Solway, but fortlets and watchtowers continued down the Cumberland coast.
  • The watchtower followed the aircraft by radar.
  • The chief of a hierarchy is called the hierarch, each of the watchtowers is viewed as a hierarchy. Enochian angels
  • The watchtower bell clanged, its reverberating tones echoing through the fog.
  • Just before reaching Banyalbufar there's a talayot (watchtower) that was built in 1579 AD. Recent Updates
  • And in the meantime, in all those hills surrounding those cities, sharpshooters are standing by in watchtowers.
  • It's a tower - an old watchtower from the days when they needed watchtowers.
  • The Government could take down the watchtowers in South Armagh with few consequences for security; it could also reduce troop numbers.
  • The peninsula's westernmost point is barren Punta Campanella, a familiar site from Capri, with its squat Anjou watchtower.

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