How To Use Wastefulness In A Sentence

  • Councillors must ensure that the same old incompetence wastefulness and inefficiencies are not allowed to continue.
  • But if all this is true, why has consumer credit had to battle so hard and so long against a shameful stigma of wastefulness and wrongdoing to achieve a moral and economic legitimacy?
  • And yet we men do not approve; nay, if we see a man sharing his goods with other men, we call it wastefulness, extravagance, and by such names, and dub the men to whom he gives a share, fawners and parasites.
  • This single line from the 1967 film The Graduate came to signify a generation's contempt for insincerity, conformity, and wastefulness.
  • This wastefulness can undermine the health system as a whole by draining funds needed for other essential services.
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  • Whether you believe in anthropogenic global warming or not, energy efficiency and wastefulness has become one of the hottest items in environmental concerns for political parties and among voters. 2008 February 05 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • Miserliness and wastefulness are equally deplored in Buddhism as two degenerate extremes.
  • It is this wastefulness, or lack of ruthlessness that will cost England matches.
  • And you don't contribute to this ridiculous level of wastefulness.
  • And the government bureaucracy is riddled with corruption, thieving, lying and wastefulness.
  • The winding road led me up the flanks of stony hills, terraced everywhere for almond-trees; but after two or three hours of ascent the almonds dwindled away, and the country became an absolute desert of brashy hills, showing little asperity of outline, but mournful and solemn by their wastefulness and abandonment to a degree that makes the traveller ask himself if he is really in Europe, or has been transported by magic to the most arid steppes of Asia. Wanderings by southern waters, eastern Aquitaine
  • So too in the case of flattery we must observe and be on our guard against wastefulness being called liberality, and cowardliness prudence, and madness quick-wittedness, and meanness frugality, and the amorous man called social and affectionate, and the term manly applied to the passionate and vain man, and the term civil applied to the paltry and mean man. Plutarch's Morals
  • the wastefulness of missed opportunities
  • Bodybuilding is an endeavor that requires time and energy, and that means less time to succumb to the wastefulness of hours of mindless video games or television, as well as vices such as drinking and drug use.

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