How To Use Washhouse In A Sentence

  • The camp consists of 6 sleeping and living barracks, 1 hospital barrack now partly used as sleeping quarters, 1 temporary cookhouse with adjoining washhouse and latrine, 1 bath and washhouse combined with another latrine, 1 magazine and 1 large cookhouse with adjoining mess-hall, under construction. Work Camp 95 GW
  • I recall being locked in the washhouse by a friend of my elder brother, and at another time, hurling a tomahawk at the same boy.
  • Mr Gibson's mum would get up at five in the morning to do the washing in the communal washhouse complete with mangles.
  • It also has special seafood restaurant, morning and evening tea, cate shop, bar, professional washhouse, sauna, chess and cards, tea art, salon, marketplace.
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