war machine

  1. the military forces of a nation
    the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker
    their military is the largest in the region
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How To Use war machine In A Sentence

  • The Orson Welles broadcast of a four-decade-old H.G. Wells novel was so convincing that horrified listeners peered skyward for glimpses of tentacled invaders arriving in their war machines.
  • I dunno, death seems to have a lot of commerce driving it (private armies, the “war machine”, etc.) and a lot of commerce associated with it (funerary businesses, etc.). Sell something wonderful.
  • This is no coldly efficient war machine, but an army of civilians.
  • You are used as cannon fodder, 'disposables' in the front columns of the apartheid war machine. ANC CALL TO BLACK SOLDIERS AND POLICE
  • They are difficult to destroy, although a hit from another war machine or large monster may be sufficient to cause damage.
  • The apparently impassive human face in the huge anonymous war machine - but how did this pilot feel? Times, Sunday Times
  • ; Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act; Defense of Marriage Act, abandoning his pledge to consider offering asylum to Haitian refugees; backing away from his most high-profile campaign issue: health care; reneging on his promise to "take a firm stand" against the armed forces 'ban on gays and lesbians; the invasion of Somalia; increasing the Pentagon budget by $25 billion; firing Jocelyn Elders; dumping Lani Guinier; renewing the sanctions on Iraq; ignoring genocide in Rwanda; passing a crime bill that gave us more cops, more prisons, and 58 more offenses punishable by death; the passage of the salvage logging rider; continuation of the use of methyl bromide; weakening of the Endangered Species Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act; lowering of grazing fees on land; subsidizing Florida's sugar industry; reversing the ban on the production and importation of PCBs; allowing the export of Alaskan oil; the telecommunications bill; unconditional support for the Israeli war machine, and not pardoning Leonard Peltier. Will President Obama feel the pressure? (LOL)
  • Disclaimer: The War Machine photo in the header is a fan creation. Don Cheadle Replaces Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2 | /Film
  • Let's say you had some really hot and juicy operations going on, endless deadly conflicts that were pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into your war machine and entrenching national policy even more deeply in the militarist philosophy - the machtpolitik - that you believe in. Propeller Most Popular Stories
  • He has chosen the perfect target for the most invulnerable war machine in history.
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