war cry

  1. a yell intended to rally a group of soldiers in battle
  2. a slogan used to rally support for a cause
    a cry to arms
    our watchword will be `democracy'
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How To Use war cry In A Sentence

  • During the Third New Zealand War's so-called Hauhau campaign - named for the war cry of the Pai Marire sect amongst the Maoris of North Island - FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES
  • The whoop of an Indian war cry stopped Ben from answering.
  • But then both heard the war cry of a few of the braves as well as whoops from the cowhands with resounding bullets.
  • I invoke Jimmy Carter and disparage Patrick Henry's 1775 war cry in the context of antimilitarism and Iraq and _two days later_ Jimmy Carter himself is on NPR doing the exact same thing. UR 2Good 2B 4Gotten
  • I ran harder, but Jessica's war cry rung in my ears and she collided into me, taking a firm grasp of my arm and pulled me in a rather strong headlock.
  • Its goal is to cut off the voice of the Lord, stop the war cry of the saints and remove the presence of God from your midst.
  • In the early days, following the example set by the Sally Army with War Cry, Joy used to hawk it around pubs, preying enterprisingly on the drunken generosity of the dour tipplers.
  • As many have said, every time you think AYBABTU is dead, it crops up again–whether as a clever quote from a hipster writer, a gamer’s war cry, or someone discovering it for the first time. Top Ten Web Fads of All Time | Impact Lab
  • There was a strange shriek, a sound soon to be as celebrated as the alalagmos, the war cry of the Roman legions. FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871
  • The sound resembles a war cry and always precedes their appearance.
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