[ US /ˈweɪk/ ]
[ UK /wˈe‍ɪk/ ]
  1. make aware of
    His words woke us to terrible facts of the situation
  2. cause to become awake or conscious
    He was roused by the drunken men in the street
    Please wake me at 6 AM.
  3. stop sleeping
    She woke up to the sound of the alarm clock
  4. arouse or excite feelings and passions
    Wake old feelings of hatred
    The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world
    The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor
  5. be awake, be alert, be there
  1. a vigil held over a corpse the night before burial
    there's no weeping at an Irish wake
  2. the wave that spreads behind a boat as it moves forward
    the motorboat's wake capsized the canoe
  3. the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)
    in the wake of the accident no one knew how many had been injured
    the aftermath of war
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How To Use wake In A Sentence

  • The difficulties of the next year or two will, no doubt, reawaken the pro-euro lobby.
  • Here's the good news: When you bring what I call unconditional presence to the trance of fear, you create the foundation for true spiritual awakening. undefined
  • He pulled himself up and stumbled to the bathroom, where he turned on the cold tap and collapsed at the bottom of the shower, barely awake.
  • That call my slumbering life to wake to happy things. A Book of Strife in the Form of The Diary of an Old Soul
  • It will be wormed throughout, and parcelled in the wake of the housing-bolt and frapping lashing, and where there is no swell, in the wake of the muzzle-ring. Ordnance Instructions for the United States Navy. 1866. Fourth edition.
  • She works days as a chambermaid at a local hotel and at night lies awake fearing the sound of his tread.
  • The fall in popularity of the death's head and the subsequent prevalence of the cherub was a reflection of the Great Awakening and the belief in the immortality of the soul: "Cherubs reflect a stress on resurrection, while death's heads emphasize the mortality of man. Headstones for Dummies, the New York Edition
  • Hassan in frequently going to sleep in one town, to awake in another far distant, but without the benighted Oriental's surprise at the transfer, the afrit who performed this prodigy being a steam-engine, and the magician it obeyed the human mind. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 23, February, 1873
  • These frigging Congresspeople better wake up and see the sun before it's too late! GOP is 'no friend of seniors' DNC says in TV ad
  • To wake up with her belly-up and demanding affection is to have your heart explode with the kind of joy that compels some people into a life of large-scale oil painting.
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