How To Use Vivaldi In A Sentence

  • Together the chorale perform a wide repertoire of classical music from Bach, Handel and Vivaldi as well as traditional spiritual and Filipino pieces, several a cappella works and well known songs of praise.
  • Luigi Dallapiccola's acid remark about Vivaldi, often repeated, is misleading.
  • Vivaldi's writing tends to treat the voice like a violin, and as such, it can be cruelly difficult (but rewarding).
  • In Baroque time, musicians more often praised music as God's ode, manifesting the strength of belief, Vivaldi and Bach created many Motets, actually, to compose basing on the poetries in the Bible.
  • Sellars also provided Arwady with some interpolated vocal relief by inserting the first part of Vivaldi's Stabat Mater for the less worthy of her later arias. Rodney Punt: Griselda in Peter Sellars Production at Santa Fe Opera
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  • People not entirely familiar with the genre tend to aggregate, in their minds, all chant music of the Roman Rite as one type of "Gregorian Chant," all of which are alike in the same way that various forms of Vivaldi violin concerti are roughly the same stylistically. Varieties of Gregorian Chant
  • The sextet that performed (a pair each of violins and violas, and a continuo pairing of cello and harpsichord) offered a mixed baroque program in which three string sonatas by Tomaso Albinoni were heard alongside concertos and sonatas by Bach and Vivaldi, and by the less-encountered Georg Muffat and Henricus Albicastro. Music review: Ensemble 415 at Library of Congress
  • One paper heralded the film as “Vivaldi, the sex-obsessed rock star”, giving some idea of the tone of this likely bonkbuster. Vivaldi
  • All Vivaldi, all southing, all the time, you mean? KDFCization of WQXR?
  • Juditha" is filled with beguiling music very lushly orchestrated and filled with exotic Baroque instruments that have ceased to be used in modern orchestras, like the chalumeau sounds like a cross between a flute and a clarinet or the lavishly strung theorbo, giving the score an exotic sound always filled with Vivaldi's sensuous, graceful lyricism. DesignerBlog
  • As Vivaldi expressed his incredulity, however, he returned to examine the garment once more, when, as he raised it, he observed, what had before escaped his notice, black drapery mingled with the heap beneath; and, on lifting this also on the point of his sword, he perceived part of the habiliment of a monk! The Italian
  • A year earlier the players had presented a programme of works by Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart without any fuss or bother.
  • Since much of the Vivaldi repertoire is concerti, I wondered at first how this one-on-a-part ethos would affect the shaping of contrasts between soloists and ripieno.
  • Four members of the orchestra's violin section (led by concertmasters Laszlo Pap and Lenka Hajkova) gave a brilliant traversal of the Concerto No 10 in B minor from Vivaldi's L' Estro Armonico, RV580.
  • Schedoni had been the more anxious to procure an immediate release for Vivaldi, lest a report of his situation should reach his family, notwithstanding the precautions, which are usually employed to throw an impenetrable shrowd over the prisoners of this dreadful tribunal, and bury them for ever from the knowledge of their friends. The Italian
  • The orchestra and continuo musicians, led by Grant Gershon, captured the spirit and swing of the music, but then, orchestra players are no strangers to Vivaldi. The Tests of Patience
  • To procure the arrestation of Vivaldi, it had been only necessary to send a written accusation, without a name, to the Holy The Italian
  • Glass's violin concerto No 2, intended as an imaginative companion piece to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, was given a fine European premiere by its dedicatee, violinist Robert McDuffie, who mesmerised us with his memory in this 40-minute work, as much as his effortless virtuosity. LPO/Alsop; Varèse 360°
  • On the other hand, Vivaldi's ornate writing for solo voices is much in evidence.
  • Even for those not aware that it refers originally to Vivaldi and his carroty hair, there is the vaguely sinister implication of subversive politics at work.
  • After mutual compliments had been exchanged, they proceeded to a long consultation concerning Vivaldi, and it was agreed, that their efforts for what they termed his preservation should no longer be confined to remonstrances. The Italian
  • The other singers are specialists in the Baroque repertoire, and are unfazed by Vivaldi's ornate and virtuosic writing.
  • Vivaldi the red priest was an expert violinist but unlikely to have shone at the bassoon, as he was severely asthmatic.
  • Ronn McFarlane, lutenist extraordinaire, joins Bach Sinfonia for Vivaldi and his own work by Joan Reinthaler In performance: Bach Sinfonia
  • Woolley had to reconstruct a missing part for the second violin from a similar Vivaldi work kept in Turin. Vivaldi flute concerto discovered
  • A helter-skelter mix of documentary and music video, the film contextualises Vivaldi's life through The Four Seasons, the most recorded and popular classical music ever written.
  • Playing Vivaldi at a low-budget wedding is not the same as being in a rock band.
  • The programme will include baroque concertos by Vivaldi, Bach and many more.
  • Forty-one He'd been making Lee practise Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor for two cellos. THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE
  • There was a time not long ago when Telemann, like Vivaldi, was thought to be dull and repetitious.
  • Czerny's music is eminently playable, predictable and listenable to in the same sort of way that Vivaldi's is eminently playable, predictable and listenable.
  • Forty-one He'd been making Lee practise Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor for two cellos. THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE
  • His music, comprising mostly songs, dance-tunes, laments, and some religious pieces, draws upon native tradition but was also influenced by European composers such as Vivaldi and Corelli.
  • As the recording of Walter Reiter and Cordaria shows, the less well-known Vivaldi does not lack elegance, spectacularity and virtuosity, liveliness and instant communicativeness.
  • Daniel Abraham's fine Bach Sinfonia and lutenist Ronn McFarlane brought all of Vivaldi's music for lute and strings -- two concertos and two trio sonatas -- to the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Performing Arts Center on Saturday and rounded out the program with a motet and two of his other concertos, and two of McFarlane's own compositions. In performance: Bach Sinfonia
  • Since much of the Vivaldi repertoire is concerti, I wondered at first how this one-on-a-part ethos would affect the shaping of contrasts between soloists and ripieno.
  • A lost Vivaldi flute concerto is to be heard in full for the first time in 250 years after being rediscovered in the family archives of a Scottish nobleman who was killed at the battle of Culloden. Vivaldi flute concerto discovered
  • Though Vivaldi had earned a great deal in his lifetime, his extravagance was such that he died in poverty.
  • Bach himself did not disdain to transcribe Vivaldi concertos for organ or harpsichord and to borrow fugue-subjects from Legrenzi and Corelli.
  • Early eighteenth century baroque composer Vivaldi was a trained priest who had music in his heart.
  • A chamber music quartet was rehearsing for a Vivaldi recital, and it was gorgeous.
  • Only Bartoli could have made best-selling albums out of obscure arias by Scarlatti, Vivaldi and Gluck.
  • (Your point about the Italian baroque is spot on — although being my perverse self, I listen to Vivaldi and Scarlatti hanging on for the proto-Expressionist moments.) The Long Goodbye
  • This is a pasticcio opera, which means that, in certain arias, Vivaldi used music by other composers - in this case, some associated with Neapolitan opera, such as Broschi, Hasse, and Giacomelli - and adapted it for his new opera.
  • His voice retains its evenness in all registers, and he cleanly articulates Vivaldi's most difficult runs and fioriture.
  • But they are totally eclipsed by the vivacity and originality of Vivaldi's three.
  • From "Bach on Wood" (a marimba, that is) and Vivaldi on the Japanese Koto, to Schubert on a wood-cutting saw and Wagner on power tools, dozens of classical composers have been subjected to strange arrangements. NPR Topics: News
  • He said he had never known an audience of that size and age, to stop stamping after five counts in the Vivaldi ‘Winter’ movement.
  • Vivaldi's Magnificat, a short work, is not performed nearly as often as the longer, more popular Gloria, but it is an attractive work with its mixtures of trios, duets and quite short choruses.
  • Schedoni, however, yet remained to be tried; Vivaldi had no longer a doubt as to his having caballed with the Marchesa, and that he had been an agent in removing Ellena. The Italian
  • “We can wait no longer,” said the guard, and again drew Paulo away, who looking piteously after Vivaldi, alternately repeated, Farewel, dear maestro! farewel dear, dear maestro!” and “What did I demand to be brought here for? The Italian
  • The second movement - Allegro, rigorously designed after Vivaldi's manner, betrays Tartini's propensity for virtuoso ornamentation.
  • His voice retains its evenness in all registers, and he cleanly articulates Vivaldi's most difficult runs and fioriture.
  • The motive for his arrestation was concealed from Schedoni, who had not the remotest suspicion of its nature, but attributed the arrest, to a discovery, which the tribunal had made of his being the accuser of Vivaldi. The Italian

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