How To Use Vitellus In A Sentence

  • Si vero fuerit in aestate vitellus avi semper superponatur. Gilbertus Anglicus Medicine of the Thirteenth Century
  • Premier League win against Arsenal in aeons and an astonishing demolition job on Chelsea later and those of us who confidently predicted Tottenham's end-of-season collapse have been left picking eggshell, albumen and vitellus from our gormless, slack-jawed faces. The Guardian World News
  • Insects are identical, small animals with head, thorax, and abdomen; that is to say if, only noticing what is common to them, we leave out of consideration the difference of their development, the presence or absence and the multifarious structure of the vitelline membrane, the varying composition of the vitellus, the different number and formation of the germinal spots, etc. Facts and Arguments for Darwin
  • The ovarian eggs of all animals are perfectly identical, small cells with a vitellus, germinal vesicle and germinal spot" (paragraph 278). Facts and Arguments for Darwin
  • If eggs of Echinarachnius be inseminated with thin sperm suspension they throw off membranes that are fully formed and equidistant from the surface of the vitellus in from two to three minutes.
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  • Ingredients : high - quality flour, vegetable oil, grape, egg , vitellus, sugar, Glucose syrup.
  • In no case, when comparing embryos from the same uterus, was the presence of vitellus found in only part of the embryos observed; neither was it found in small quantities.
  • Thus, in Fishes, the first changes consist in the segmentation of the vitellus and the formation of a germ, processes which are common to all classes of animals. Facts and Arguments for Darwin
  • This constitutes the vitelline circulation (Fig. 459), and by means of it nutriment is absorbed from the yolk (vitellus.) 5 V. Angiology. 3. Development of the Vascular System
  • The ovarian eggs of all animals are identical, small cells with vitellus, germinal vesicle and germinal spot. Facts and Arguments for Darwin
  • With a center core, the darker core areas appear like fish egg vitellus and crustacean inner organs.
  • Ingredients:high-quality flour, vegetable oil, grape, egg, vitellus, white granulated sugar, Glucose syrup.
  • Fish eggs can be round with the hook passed through or half round with the egg vitellus in the form of colored yarn waving out the flat side along the shaft of the hook.
  • Special names have been given to these parts of the ovum; the cell-body is called the yelk (vitellus), and the cell-nucleus the germinal vesicle. The Evolution of Man — Volume 1
  • Conclusion It is much more value that the HACCP assure health and quality of vitellus-pie.
  • Until recently it was regarded as a general rule that, by the partial segmentation of the vitellus a germinal disc was formed, and in this, corresponding to the ventral surface of the embryo, a primitive band. Facts and Arguments for Darwin

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