[ US /ˈvɪɹəɫəns/ ]
[ UK /vˈɪɹələns/ ]
  1. extreme hostility
    the virulence of the malicious old man
  2. extreme harmfulness (as the capacity of a microorganism to cause disease)
    the virulence of the plague
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How To Use virulence In A Sentence

  • Given the virulence of the plague and the symptoms described, it seems likely that the cold Scottish weather provoked an outbreak of pneumonic plague, with the complication of septicaemia.
  • In Barbados Mr Ody, master mate of the Arab, was poisoned by eating "a Mangereen apple", causing "severe vomiting and violent convulsions, I poured down a good quantity of sweet oil, applied the warm bath, gave him a calomel purge & the next morning he brought away a considerable quantity of blood and skins of the stomach being corroded by the virulence of the fruit". Amputations, acid gargles and ammonia rubs: Royal Navy surgeons' 1793-1880 journals revealed
  • You wonder why Sartre at the age of 50, when he wrote the book, must attack his childhood with such virulence.
  • Conclusions The activated carbon can be used as a useful lymphatic tracer and drug carrier, for it is characterized by avirulence, high lymphatic tropism, long residence time in the lymph nodes.
  • Kennedy and the best of the contagionist authors, have fixed the intervening time from two days to a longer uncertain period; yet that writer (in the LANCET) proceeds to tell us, in proof of the virulence of the contagion, that when twenty healthy reapers went into the harvest field at Swedia, near Letters on the Cholera Morbus. Containing ample evidence that this disease, under whatever name known, cannot be transmitted from the persons of those labouring under it to other individuals, by contact—through the medium of inanimate substances—or throug
  • Biological viruses also ' steal ' virulence genes from other viruses and become more malignant.
  • Pasteur's breakthrough with the principle of attenuating viruses—reducing their virulence—came in 1876.
  • Plant resistance to specific pathogens is often correlated with increased production of phytoalexins, whereas inhibition or deficiency of phytoalexin production allows greater virulence.
  • Conclusions - Nonstaphylococcal CIED - related infections are prevalent and diverse with a relatively low virulence and mortality rate.
  • If, instead of injecting material from an infected rabbit to an uninfected rabbit directly, they desiccated the material first and waited a period of days, the virulence of the disease declined rapidly.
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