[ UK /vjˈuːəbə‍l/ ]
  1. capable of being viewed
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How To Use viewable In A Sentence

  • Under such a rule, even detentions at a military base in Iraq, Afghanistan or South Korea - as well as Guantanamo - would be reviewable in U.S. courts.
  • At the Packers-Lions game, FOX analyst Bill Maas is questioning on air whether an incompletion/interception situation is reviewable.
  • Finally got some of m'photos off the camera - it'll be a while before I've finished tweaking the catface pics to make 'em viewable rather than blurry or too-bright, so for now I'm just posting these pictures of some hand-art I did recently: Jaxraven Diary Entry
  • I do not pretend to know the precedents, but (1) the present situation is novel enough that Civil War analogies, for instance, do not seem terribly on point, and (2) there is something very, very wrong with a legal theory where the feds have a license to kill, anyone anywhere anytime, based solely on an executive determination not reviewable by the courts. The Volokh Conspiracy » Opinio Juris Discussions of Targeting of US Citizen
  • Neither error is reviewable or correctable under NCAA playing rules. Red Storm Survives a Blunder-Filled Battle
  • But if Scooter Libby obstructs justice, the president has an un-reviewable, un-checkable power to offer him a pardon or clemency. Matthew Yglesias » Our Strange Constitution
  • Both of these types are plentiful on the Cape, as are sea ducks, such as scoters and eiders, viewable from many vantage points.
  • How can I make sure, that it DOES stay in sync? mencoder, but that didn't work - the generated video wasn't viewable. mencoder - vf rotate = 1 'Cédric spielt und wälzt sich im Garten - 2. mov' - ovc lavc - oac copy - o 'Cédric spielt und wälzt sich im Garten - 2. mov'.mencoder.lavc.avi Forum
  • No one should be wielding the type of unreviewable power Supreme Court Justices wield for any longer than that, nor should the American legal system be governed by individuals appointed a couple of generations ago, nor should the ideological makeup of the Supreme Court be dictated by the fortuities of the health and longevity of individual Justices. The Volokh Conspiracy » The Supreme Court and the Will to Power:
  • But in the postseason, he says, where every game is extensively covered and tremendously important, I would advocate making any call potentially reviewable. Cowherd, Beadle to co-host ESPN2's 'SportsNation'
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