[ US /ˈvju/ ]
[ UK /vjˈuː/ ]
  1. graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept
    figure 2 shows photographic and schematic views of the equipment
    he painted scenes from everyday life
  2. a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
    what are your thoughts on Haiti?
    my opinion differs from yours
    I am not of your persuasion
  3. outward appearance
    they look the same in outward view
  4. a message expressing a belief about something; the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof
    his opinions appeared frequently on the editorial page
  5. the visual percept of a region
    the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views
  6. a way of regarding situations or topics etc.
    consider what follows from the positivist view
  7. the act of looking or seeing or observing
    he tried to get a better view of it
    his survey of the battlefield was limited
  8. the range of the eye
    they were soon out of view
  9. the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated
    It is beyond the horizon of present knowledge
  10. purpose; the phrase `with a view to' means `with the intention of' or `for the purpose of'
    he took the computer with a view to pawning it
  1. look at carefully; study mentally
    view a problem
  2. deem to be
    She views this quite differently from me
    I consider her to be shallow
    I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do
  3. see or watch
    view an exhibition
    view a show on television
    see a movie
    Catch a show on Broadway
    This program will be seen all over the world
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How To Use view In A Sentence

  • A thin veil of fog had rolled in off the bay, obscuring his view and coating the area in a pale gray-white mist.
  • In my view his confrontational, gladiatorial style has been a major contributor to the widespread disdain of the British public for politicians generally. Times, Sunday Times
  • It also seems to carry the well-tempered glow of late Woody Allen with a well-satisfied view of late life and with few illusions. The Unshine Boys
  • He specialized in moonlit and winter scenes, usually including a sheet of water and sometimes also involving the light of a fire, and he also painted sunsets and views at dawn or twilight.
  • He watched them disappear from his view, his father still waddling along with that bloody basket.
  • Moreover, she is being asked to do this while remaining scrupulously impartial and keeping the viewer entertained with talk of trade deals, tariffs and employment figures. Times, Sunday Times
  • As the holiday movie season winds down, we thought we'd preview the films of 2003 to see which ones stand out and which should stand down.
  • The first batch of ten shows is seen as a test of viewer demand. Times, Sunday Times
  • I reassured him it was secure by logging into my account and viewing his profile. Computing
  • Hmm... a bit of Googling produces this short book review by Charles Solomon, which has the line: "As an essayist, Didion lacks the hyaline profundity of Susan Sontag or the classical erudition of Marguerite Yourcenar ... Making Light: Open thread 136
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