How To Use Vdu In A Sentence

  • When I looked at the chart a second time, I saw that there was a lot Michael had left out of his personal history; specifically, IVDU—intravenous drug use—dating back ten years, and a major depression that had led to a psychiatric hospitalization and ECT, electroconvulsive therapy. After the Diagnosis
  • All one can say is that some of these people spend far too long in front of a VDU. Hugh Hewitt: Blog -- part 3
  • VDU screens have transluscent conductive film glued to them. Reciever Hunting using the I.F. Principle
  • Telephone," a bespectacled man called out from behind the VDU. ALASTAIR MCLEAN'S 'NIGHT WATCH'
  • It is likely that both the IVDU and the sexual preference are symptoms of a common factor–and there is now a considerable body of evidence showing a correlation between sexual abuse as children and adult homoseuxality. The Volokh Conspiracy » Another Word I Will Gladly Continue To Use:
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  • Within this comes the central problem – a disjunctive between individual rights and their emphasis on the negative effects of indivdualisation causing the so-called ‘broken society’. 2009 November « My Political Ramblings…
  • But I do spend 99% of my working life in front of a VDUEXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Fake or Foto?
  • Continental now expects 2010 revenue to rise at least 24% to over € 25 billion and is targeting an Ebit margin of around 9%, excluding amortization related to the acquisitions of cockpit and control systems unit VDU from Siemens in 2007. Germany's Continental Lifts Forecast
  • She knew Scathach's quest was for Bavduin, but he was not himself Jaguthin; he had merely joined the band.
  • Just re-reading 15: 22 post, I had a mental image of an IVDU (Intravenous Drug User) trying to mix, load & shoot a shot while wearing boxing gloves. Cheeseburger Gothic » Gettin paid to watch TV…
  • If IVDU led to prostitution, you could make the argument about which came first. The Volokh Conspiracy » Another Word I Will Gladly Continue To Use:
  • It consists of a VDU screen hooked up to a tunnel light fixed to a wall. Liverpool Biennial 2004
  • The courtroom features modern IT facilities, with a slimline VDU and laptop point for everyone, including the clients, counsel and solicitors.
  • I pressed the exit key, and the VDU screen cleared as data - and dark memories - returned to the disks where they'd been stored. NIGHT SISTERS
  • Through the double doors, round the filing racks, and back to his swivel seat in front of the green-on-green VDU screen in Information Processing. The Obald, Book 1: 1983. Chapter 1: Tuesday November 1 « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog
  • He had an office big enough for his desk and chair, plus his VDU.
  • Perhaps they’d be better off starting a little closer to home - perhaps doubling funding for homeless or IVDU support, or perhaps community programs out @ Punchbowl. Cheeseburger Gothic » Remember how the city council cookie crisis led to General Jackson’s little coup in WW?
  • So think of a computer's VDU as a radar screen, with a single blip on it, whose movements are going to trace out the M-Set. The Ghost from the Grand Banks
  • The VDU terminal was a recent addition to the office, but most of the work was still printed out or written down. The Obald, Book 1: 1983. Chapter 1: Tuesday November 1 « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog
  • I think it's probably eye strain brought on my too much VDU which is going to make for an interesting week at work. Feeling Listless - "Taking the credit for your second symphony."
  • We ducked back into shadow, shivering, and VDU screens and Victorian bracket clocks told us how slowly the hours went by. The Gates of Noon
  • Jaya, a retelling of the Mahabharatha by India's leading mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik, weaves wisdom and enchantment together in stories, commentary, and art. Vamsee Juluri: Writing Mythology in an Age of Reality Crisis
  • VDUs are suspected by some of causing eye strain, postural problems and even of spreading harmful radiation across the room.
  • The most commonly reported ailment among VDU operators is eye-strain.
  • RavDuPree80 I really hate talking sports with dudes who never played sports. tripleocarmen By @-suniljmistry #-sports Big 12 title game: Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

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