[ UK /vˈe‍əɹiɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈvɛɹiɪŋ/ ]
  1. marked by diversity or difference
    the varying angles of roof slope
    nature is infinitely variable
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How To Use varying In A Sentence

  • Within the context of modernity, the autonomous artist, as a creative being, explores varying moods, passion, sentiments and emotions.
  • What I've generally de-duced is that men in their twenties are ignorant of the relevance of most feminist issues and think feminists are in varying degrees: full of hot air, lesbians, killjoys. Feminist blogs in english » 2008 » July
  • Masterful with machinery, he patented several mechanical inventions which had varying degrees of viability.
  • Talia's room, when we reach it and I actually take the time to observe it, is decorated in varying shades of pastel blue, more or less coordinating the curtains and the bed sheets.
  • Over the years, charted by his self-portraits, Rembrandt evokes varying aspects of character and the process of ageing itself.
  • Again, is it true that the fixed or the unvarying is the last revelation of science? The Secret Beyond Science
  • The differences are small, varying between 32,000 jobs a year being the lowest estimate, to 38,000 being the highest estimate.
  • She waited to tell him of her decision until the main doors of the school opened, as if to greet them, and the girls streamed through in varying degrees of sullenness and exultation and prettiness and slouching disarray.
  • Over the past number of years the parade has been of mixed quality with varying degrees of participation from all sectors.
  • None the less the Bristol computer managed to simulate different effects of varying wrist torques.
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