How To Use Vapidly In A Sentence

  • a vapidly smiling salesman
  • After all, for every genuine inherited talent like Duncan "Zowie Bowie" Jones, there seems to be a Peaches Geldof waiting vapidly in the wings. This week's new comedy
  • In particular, the debate over health care and cap-and-trade now transpiring in Congress has been an all-out legislator-lobbyist orgy of disappointment, leaving each historic policy proposal vapidly deflated. Stuart Whatley: Obama's Agenda: Hope, Change and Lobby-Centricity
  • Often at his desk there, his mind became strangely obtunded and he babbled vapidly; his big face pinched up till it seemed lean and grey, and he pitched forward, face down, upon the desk. Sally of Missouri
  • Obama is declaring his intention to turn these negative trends around - and without simply, vapidly asserting that America is powerful and capable of great feats, he is admitting that it will take tough work, prioritization, and creativity. Steve Clemons: Obama's West Point Speech Shows Signs of Smart "National Security Strategy"
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  • However, since she couldn't very well let Wesley know she spoke French, and therefore understood every bit of their conversation she merely smiled vapidly and played dumb.
  • Because they are vicious, willfully stupid (not ignorant, mind you) lying hypocrites as devoid of integrity as they are vapidly lacking in anything like intelligence. Think Progress » Man ‘disenchanted with the federal government’ indicted for planting pipe bombs in mailboxes.
  • We write ponderously important books that no one really wants to read, or we write vapidly exciting books that expect nothing of their readers and less of their writers. MIND MELD: What You Should Know About Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Acceptance (Part 2)
  • But for those concerned about the impact of gay stereotypes and and the cause of acceptance and tolerance, I would suggest that Perez Hilton's vapidly vicious agenda and his bottomless bitchiness ferments much more repellent opinions against gays than Sacha Baron Cohen's slapstick in shaved legs. John Wellington Ennis: Is Bruno Worse For Gays Than Perez Hilton?
  • Hannah McGill called the movie a ‘challenge to apathetic, vapidly amoral cinematic shock tactics’.
  • For some, the minute attention to nuances of bygone manners makes her simple romances vapidly parochial.
  • Greg Kinnear does a convincing job as the doomed star, deftly revealing a man vapidly oblivious to the harm he caused himself and others.
  • Say something nice, something friendly, something clever, something ridiculous, something vapidly amusing, something about coffee or chocolate or how much you love person X or how much you admire person Y or has anybody seen that awesome thing that person Z wrote yesterday? or oh, look, MUPPETS. Dealing With Trolls: A Holiday Primer | Her Bad Mother
  • With one eye on the clock, I would vapidly go through the motions of the Batteries and Grand jetés so that I could rush home to my queens: Lil' P, Terrible T and Sweet L.D collectively known as Oaktown's 3.5.7. Sasha Brookner: Sabar: African Hip-Hop
  • ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast ‘mocks late-night television shows where empty celebrities tell bad jokes and ramble vapidly.’
  • Cynics vapidly pointing out that Meercats cannot drive are missing the point, which any fool should be able to see is to reduce RTAs involving police vehicles to zero. “Response Times” Are Back SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • The African pig is more noted for his _speed_ than for the rashers he offers when his race is run; he is tough, and grunts vapidly; his tail corrugates rather than curls; he eschews jewellery -- his nose is free; and the land also being free, he pays no rent. The Siege of Kimberley

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