1. shaped in the form of the letter V
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How To Use v-shaped In A Sentence

  • A horizontal V-shaped strut overhangs the old balustrade, suspended from a series of steel bowstring arches.
  • The tiller is a piece of board three feet long, two inches wide, and one inch thick, having a V-shaped notch at the lower end to fit on the handle and small notches on its side two inches apart, for a distance of twenty-eight inches. Hunting with the Bow and Arrow
  • Eight to 12 larger mushroom shaped (circumvallate) papillae, each surrounded by a circular trough, lie at the back of the tongue in a V-shaped formation; these have on average 250 taste buds each.
  • But a V-shaped column crowds the central area, and the heavy structure oppresses the space.
  • Next to these are highly stylised canthari with spiralled handles and with V-shaped patterns shaded red and white on their necks.
  • Hammerheads are 45-m-long box fabrications made integrally with V-shaped supports of similar proportions bearing on the piers.
  • V-shaped openings in front a trifle too deep; many, in their endeavours to make their loose trousers still more rakish, wore them in too flowing a manner over their feet, and still more, in their anxiety not to spoil the set of their jumpers, carried no 'pusser's daggers,' or knives, attached to their lanyards. Stand By! Naval Sketches and Stories
  • The folded pinnae are one of two shapes, induplicate (V-shaped) with the midrib protruding downward or reduplicate (upside-down V-shape) with the midrib protruding up. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]
  • The original Native American tap was simply a V-shaped incision made with a tomahawk, and it allowed the sap to flow down into a bowl.
  • In the adult the union of the anterior and posterior parts of the tongue is marked by the V-shaped sulcus terminalis, the apex of which is at the foramen cecum, while the two limbs run lateralward and forward, parallel to, but a little behind, the vallate papillæ. XI. Splanchnology. 2. The Digestive Apparatus
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