1. of or relating to or associated with the uvula
    the uvular r
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How To Use uvular In A Sentence

  • My phonology isn't much different in Mid IE than in PIE, save for the addition of labialized dental stops and sibilants and the absence of a phonemic plain/uvular contrast or palatal/plain for you traditionalists out there. Update of my "Diachrony of Pre-IE" document
  • As a recap, I had come to a couple of major revelations on PIE that diverge from the "mainstream" but problematic view:One: The unlikely phonological system can finally be rationalized by turning palatal stops to plain ones and plain stops to uvular ones while shifting phonation to a contrast between creaky and plain voice rather than plain versus breathy. New pdf on Indo-European verbs
  • In some Semitic languages the cognate sound is a voiceless uvular stop.
  • Uvularia grandiflora (large-flowered bellwort), woods, common. The Maine Woods
  • The best way I know of to learn a uvular trill, sometimes called a 'burr', is by practicing gargling.
  • The quoted passage included an odd character, one that I've never seen in any other context, which is described as representing ‘a kind of G, a voiced uvular plosive’.
  • —The uvula (uvula vermis; uvular lobe) forms a considerable portion of the inferior vermis; it is separated on either side from the tonsil by the sulcus valleculæ, at the bottom of which it is connected to the tonsil by a ridge of gray matter, indented on its surface by shallow furrows, and hence called the furrowed band. IX. Neurology. 4a. The Hind-brain or Rhombencephalon
  • the glottal stop and uvular `r' and `ch' in German `Bach' are guttural sounds
  • So both uvular stops (the original "non-palatal series" of *k, *g and *gʰ) and *h₂ (a uvular fricative1) colour *e to *a in the same fashion. The origin of the Indo-European uvular stop (traditionally the "plain, non-palatalized stop")
  • PS *('ayn)el- 'rise/be high'...maybe relation to Georgian ma-ghal-i (uvular voiced fricative 'gh') 'tall/high'? A list of possible Proto-Semitic loanwords in PIE
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