How To Use Uub In A Sentence

  • Uub is in the first round of World Martial Arts tournament. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Oh! so sweet of Uub who don't want to fight but still fights as he wants to use the prize money to arrange eatables for his villagers. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Buddy's clothes were strewn 'bout the room with care, and gumdrops and juub juubs were stuck in his hair.
  • Uub becomes angry with Goku and goes for a kick which is blocked. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Uub runs after Goku so Goku gets a hold of Uub and throws him to the ground. MyLinkVault Newest Links
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  • Silver laid a hand on Yuuba's head and gave it a few gentle strokes.
  • Episode starts with Goku who gave Uub a bit of kick. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Tundus, et tüübid olid võtnud zombiewalk'i kui mingit maskiballi, aga minu nägemuses on zombi siiski miski määrdunud räbalatuust. Esimene päev HÕFF-il
  • Yuuba tugged on his mother's torn dress while she seemed to be staring into the window of a shop at a beautiful white silk gown.
  • Fortunately, Uub is not a threat to the world but is a little sweetie and innocent little boy with enormous powers. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Goku wants Uub to use his powers so tries to tease Uub. biggest discount ever on Death Note episodes finale was aired on April 7, 2003. MyLinkVault Newest Links
  • Aga seal on kõike, seal on klaasist kuubikuid; linnajagusid, mis kell 17.00 kustutavad tuled, sulevad aknad ja jäävad tühjaks; linnajagusid, kus on mugavad vanaaegsed, pisut inglaslikud elumajad, seal on kiirteed, ääristatud rohelusega; platsid, mis näevad välja nagu ooperidekoratsioon; väikesed hubased kohvikud, suured peened restoranid; sillad ning rongid ... tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Also Uub had potential and he did nothing great in GT. undefined
  • Goku gives Uub a few punches and Uub also does the same. available to download … click here. MyLinkVault Newest Links

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