[ US /ˈətɝ/ ]
[ UK /ˈʌtɐ/ ]
  1. express in speech
    This depressed patient does not verbalize
    She talks a lot of nonsense
  2. put into circulation
    utter counterfeit currency
  3. express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words)
    She let out a big heavy sigh
    He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand
  4. articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise
    He uttered a curse
    She expressed her anger
  1. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
    a thoroughgoing villain
    utter nonsense
    a perfect idiot
    what a sodding mess
    pure folly
    the unadulterated truth
    stark staring mad
    a consummate fool
    gross negligence
    an arrant fool
    a complete coward
    a double-dyed villain
    a thorough nuisance
  2. complete and absolute
    blank stupidity
    utter seriousness
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How To Use utter In A Sentence

  • I chatter with enthusiasm whilst knobs of butter slide off the fishes' backs and sizzle to blister bubbles.
  • We failed utterly to convince them.
  • The building is dark brick topped by pinky-coloured concrete block walls, white plastic-looking fascia board, black plastic guttering and an artificial slate roof.
  • Looking through the casement was the visage of the mariner, no longer stern, but moved with unutterable emotion, and tears, yes, tears trickling down his weather-beaten cheeks. Edward Barnett; a Neglected Child of South Carolina, Who Rose to Be a Peer of Great Britain,—and the Stormy Life of His Grandfather, Captain Williams or, The Earle's Victims: with an Account of the Terrible End of the Proud Earl De Montford, the Lamen
  • Philips is also exploring the potential of applying LED to help 'declutter' city streets increasingly obscured by a variety of elements, including lighting fixtures. WebWire | Recent Headlines
  • Two bus-rides and a walk in the rain later we found the old dairy farm, muttering under our breaths about the wisdom of locating such an establishment way out in the sticks.
  • The geography was utterly alien to Patrick, although his unfamiliarity with the picture could have been attributed to the gaps.
  • Aidan squeaked, with an added stutter because he was suddenly nervous.
  • She had wiggled through a tot-sized aperture in the alcove, and toddled over to a display of butterfly nets four feet away.
  • He reached up with a hooked pole to roll down the metal shutter.
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