uric acid

  1. a white tasteless odorless crystalline product of protein metabolism; found in the blood and urine
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How To Use uric acid In A Sentence

  • Although, the protein utilized a number of fatty acids as substrate such as propionic acid, hexanoic acid, decanoic acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid (data not shown) as is the case with many other known Fatty Acyl-CoA Synthetases PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The most important of the salts, formed by the combinations of the sulphuric acid, are, first, _sulphat of potash_, formerly called _sal polychrest_: this is a very bitter salt, much used in medicine; it is found in the ashes of most vegetables, but it may be prepared artificially by the immediate combination of sulphuric acid and potash. Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2 In Which the Elements of that Science Are Familiarly Explained and Illustrated by Experiments
  • The speaker had, finally, demonstrated the synthesis of hippuric acid and sulphate of phenol in the excided kidney as a function of its cells, by adding to the blood pouring through the kidney, in the first place, benzoic acid and glycol; in the second place, phenol and sulphate of soda. Scientific American Supplement, No. 586, March 26, 1887
  • This is a metabolic disorder whereby excess uric acid in the blood gets deposited in joints.
  • The diseases caused by permanent deposits of uric acid in the tissues are called arthritic diseases, because the accumulations frequently occur in the joints. Nature Cure
  • A wooden tank may be rendered capable of withstanding the effects of nitric or sulphuric acids by the following methods: -- Cover the inside with paraffin; go over the inside with a sadiron heated to the temperature used in ironing clothes. Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889
  • By this method, sulpho-compounds of the glyceride are first formed, which readily emulsify with water, and, on treatment with steam, liberate fatty acids, the glycerol remaining partly in the form of glycero-sulphuric acid. The Handbook of Soap Manufacture
  • The lower limits of normal for serum uric acid are arbitrarily defined and may vary from one lab to another.
  • Every textile amylaceous fiber is convertible into these forms, more or less, by strong sulphuric acid. Scientific American Supplement, No. 530, February 27, 1886
  • Sulphuric acid has also been supposed to be sometimes an ingredient of peat -- which combining with iron, (always present,) would favor sulphate of iron, or copperas, which is a poison to useful plants. Agricultural, Geological, and Descriptive Sketches of Lower North Carolina, and the Similar Adjacent Lands
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