[ US /ˈəpwɝd/ ]
[ UK /ˈʌpwəd/ ]
  1. directed up
    the cards were face upward
    an upward stroke of the pen
  2. extending or moving toward a higher place
    a general upward movement of fish
    the up staircase
  1. to a later time
    they moved the meeting date up
    from childhood upward
  2. spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position
    upwardly mobile
    upwardly mobile
    look up!
    prices soared upwards
    the fragments flew upwards
    the music surged up
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How To Use upward In A Sentence

  • The largest of these primitive ‘trees’ were giant lycopods reaching upwards of 20 meters, but most of the plants grew to less than a meter above the ground.
  • A great deal of the nudge-nudge wink-wink routine by the young upwardly mobile male executives was the usual response to her presence.
  • The Jet Ranger arced upwards, a big prehistoric pterodactyl lurching blindly in its death throes.
  • If the condenser must be located above the turbine, then the pipe should be carried first downward and then upward in the U form, in the manner of the familiar "entrainer," which will be found effectively to prevent water getting back when the turbine is operating. Steam Turbines A Book of Instruction for the Adjustment and Operation of the Principal Types of this Class of Prime Movers
  • Tuesday, 19 February 2008 first signs of spring - centre piece of the month february pick whatever flowers you get at the supermarket to make this little basket filled with flowers. ranunculus are my favourites and available all over the place at the moment, so i chose to put them into this flowery centrepiece. the orchid is quite fancy but you just really need one to pimp this up (and it keeps for ever!). a rose or two, some ivy and green leaves from the forest and you are all set. to get started line a basket with some foil and trim on the edges. soak some floral foam in water and place in the basket, when soaked wet (can be really, really wet - it will have to work as a vase to the flowers), eventually cut and trim the floral on the edges, so that it resembles an arch. trim flowers and green leaves and stick into pot. start doing so on the bottom of foam, working upwards until you have an even flowery centrepiece. make sure foam stays moist - adding some water from time to time. Archive 2008-02-01
  • See how the legs lengthened and jointed themselves, bending beneath the throne as though to leap upward. A PLAGUE OF ANGELS
  • The figures of his angels are elongated, with wings stretched upward as if they were sculpted by the Gothic masters.
  • The figure was accompanied by an upwardly revised 5.4 per cent increase in November. Times, Sunday Times
  • She was sure the apartment above had a lump which protruded upward from the floor.
  • Lie flat, bend the knees, then straighten the legs upwards.
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