[ UK /ʌphˈə‍ʊldɐ/ ]
  1. someone who upholds or maintains
    they are sustainers of the idea of democracy
    firm upholders of tradition
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How To Use upholder In A Sentence

  • The narrow shelf behind the seats has a neat sliding double cupholder and what yachties would call a lee-board - a little wall in front which stops loose items such as pens and calculators rolling off and getting lost behind the seats. Motoring
  • The elders, who represented the former heads of the families and clans under the tribal system, had undoubtedly ample jurisdiction concerning family affairs, disputes about conjugal relations, inheritances, the division of property, the appointment of the goel or upholder of the family, and the settlement of blood-revenge. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne
  • The upholders of the Stratford-Shakespeare superstition call US the hardest names they can think of, and they keep doing it all the time; very well, if they like to descend to that level, let them do it, but I will not so undignify myself as to follow them. What Is Man? and Other Essays
  • You can send financial support to their World Headquarters and Main Mead Hall "For reasons of orthographic purity, we prefer to accept donations in Icelandic krona"; I trust all upholders of True English will join this brave cause, and I expect William Safire's next column to be in Anglo-Saxon. languagehat.com: THE ORIGINAL ENGLISH MOVEMENT.
  • Poincare has certainly no interest in currying the favor of these quixotic upholders of a forlorn hope. The Case for France
  • The Hindu god of friendship and alliances, usually invoked together with Varuna as an upholder of order, punisher of falsehood, supporter of heaven and earth, and bringer of rain.
  • As a matter of fact, the self-proclaimed upholder of freedom is the biggest suppressor of democracy all over the world.
  • Mr. Brandeis 'communication, his feeling was of conviction that propriety had been re-established, or that the problem had been solved, as he expresses it: knowing Mr. Brandeis well, he had called upon that upholder of respectability, to see the substance that had been identified as nostoc. The Book of the Damned
  • Intelligent, educated women look at how many cupholders a car has because they want to know how many goddamned cupholders it has.
  • Intelligent, educated women look at how many cupholders a car has because they want to know how many goddamned cupholders it has.
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