How To Use Unwed In A Sentence

  • Even over the past two years, it is estimated there are 18,000 fewer nuclear family homes, including both married and unwed parents.
  • Wooed by a man with dishonorable intentions, she found herself unwed, disgraced, and cast out.
  • Wooed by a man with dishonorable intentions, she found herself unwed, disgraced, and cast out.
  • Schomburg was born on 24 January 1874 to an unwed freeborn mulatta, Maria Josepha, in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and raised in Puerto Rico by his mother's family.
  • Dr. Carter was obliged to unwedge himself an 'catchin' the duck was a most awful business an 'Dr. Carter had to get off just about as soon as it was done. Susan Clegg and a Man in the House
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  • But Sarah Palin's track record in herself being unwed and pregnant (she tries to minimize it off by claiming that she and her now-husband "eloped"), and then her own 16-y. o. daughter getting knocked up while being left with grammamma (mommy and daddy are off doing their own thing) is a subject which is ripe for discussion since mommy, i.e., The Litterbox
  • Part of preparing youth for the workplace is preventing them from winding up as unwed teenage mothers on the dole.
  • How much more constructive it would be if our movement, while pushing for full marriage rights, stopped making alliances with cultural leftists favoring benefits for unwed heteros.
  • Yet many questions have never been publicly aired: What would have happened to those children of unwed teenage mothers if they hadn't been adopted?
  • Even over the past two years, it is estimated there are 18,000 fewer nuclear family homes, including both married and unwed parents.
  • It is not the custom in our country for a widow to live long unwedded.
  • I can much more easily imagine myself telling my colleagues that I was going to be an unwed mother than telling them that I was going to be pregnant, but had no intention of raising the little monster.
  • While four out of five Americans would describe an unwed mother and her children as a ‘family,’ fewer than one in three would apply the term to a gay or lesbian couple raising children.
  • Here is the comely girl, unwed and great with child, who came to me in tears last month - a young cook in our traveling party is the father.
  • Wooed by a man with dishonorable intentions, she found herself unwed, disgraced, and cast out.
  • Third of all, the practice of infanticide for unwed mothers was economic, as well as moral; it wasn't merely social stigma she worried about, but the real impossibility of nursing an infant and working.
  • Today, some states continue to differentiate between unwed mothers and fathers for inheritance purposes.
  • To say that a child of a single mother is twice as likely to commit a crime as the child of married parents is not to say that each and every child of every unwed mother will commit crimes or that no child of married parents will ever commit crimes.
  • She is a politically engaged, visibly white, socio-legally Black, sexually moral, unwed mother who was the victim of white male rape.
  • He had been born in the charity ward of a Providence Catholic hospital called St. Joseph's: mother unwed, father unknown. Blaze
  • You will even meet a lot of kooks who will tell you things like ‘your dog got hit by a car because God is punishing you for being an unwed teenage mother.’
  • About them came the "beaux," -- the younger officers who were here to-night, the aides, the unwedded legislators. The Long Roll
  • It conveniently also offered birth mothers and their babies second chances for normal lives, without the shame of being unwed and illegitimate.
  • Many Ms. World contestants are threatening to boycott the competition which is supposed to be held in Nigeria, because of the recent sentencing of an unwed mother to death by stoning.
  • September 1836 speech before the Loco Foco State Convention meeting in Utica also concerned his father, but he used the occasion to distance himself from his rich father's disrespectful treatment of his poor unwed mother. Advocating The Man: Masculinity, Organized Labor, and the Household in New York, 1800-1840
  • My mother too is dead, and I am called her murderess, unjustly it is true, but still that injustice is mine to bear; and she that was the glory of my house, my darling child, is growing old and grey, unwedded still; and those twin brethren, called the sons of Zeus, are now no more. Helen
  • A brief perusal of the welfare debates in the last decade among the conservatives, the liberals and the welfare recipients themselves - an unwed mother on welfare, in this instance - provides useful insights.
  • A sometime documentary filmmaker, she traveled to the once-thriving industrial town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in order to chronicle the lives of a generation of teenage unwed mothers.
  • Likewise, back at the ranch, the Godless blue states rank, on average, ahead of the Bible-thumping red states on such hot-button morality indicators as divorce, unwed mothers and domestic violence.
  • Take for example, Cara from the Curvature's thread on the costs of unwed parenting, in which women point out why Bush's Marriage Saver program is a bad idea: doesn't stop men from abandoning women when they have children (as they've done historically), doesn't help single mothers, doesn't help women in abusive marriages. Sweet Valley? Implicit Racism & Other thoughts
  • That's right folks, I was the vilest creature that dared to haunt the social landscape: the unwed teenage welfare mom.
  • The increase in out-of-wedlock birthrates is more dramatic: In 2005, 59 percent of all first-born French children were born to unwed parents, most by choice, not chance. Sound Politics: Turning A Blind Eye To Fatherless Black Babies
  • Even unwed single mothers have said that they want more children than they have, even in an unwed state.
  • The film is soon overtaken by a new mood towards the churchy authorities, and the uptight religious types are shown to be just as nice as unwed moms.
  • He had been born in the charity ward of a Providence Catholic hospital called St. Joseph's: mother unwed, father unknown. Blaze
  • In eight of these cities, more than 60% of births were to unwed mothers.
  • As she grew into maidenhood her father was troubled because she remained unwedded: all his hopes for descendants were in this girl, his only child.
  • The play is set mainly a convent laundry in rural Ireland in 1963 and it was inspired by the now infamous practice of making pregnant and unwed Irish mothers work as penitents in church-run laundries, known as Magdalene Laundries.
  • It seems to me that the State goes out of its way to accommodate unfortunate unwed mothers while holding hard-working spouses with children to child care costs as high as their mortgage payments.
  • The most auspicious moment to work with unwed fathers, says Horn, is around the time of the birth of their children, when almost half are cohabiting with the mothers.
  • And here's an interview with the hedonistic San Francisco liberal mag, Salon, in which she says ‘I was an unwed mother for ten years.’
  • The missing child of an unwed mother was a low priority for police.
  • Furthermore, welfare laws discourage states from providing assistance for abortions as well as to unwed mothers, placing low-income women in a double bind.
  • He was of an equable temper, with only such acerbities and touchinesses as are generally to be found in those who have had a love affair in their youth and remained, as they fancy, unwed because of it. The Common Reader, Second Series
  • One assumption Patience and Lacey had shared was that a man or woman who had passed their thirtieth year unwed was likely to remain so. THE GOLDEN FOOL: BOOK TWO OF THE TAWNY MAN
  • Utah has the nation's highest birth rate, but the lowest incidence of unwed teenage mothers.
  • Fernando, our earnest poler, unwedged his lovely boat from the hundreds moored at the dock, flipped back the arco with her name on it to avoid a low-slung bridge, and bumper-carred his way out of the narrow channel into the wide and sunny main canal. Xochimilco - Up A Lazy River In Mexico City
  • The social pressures which forced pregnant teenagers and unwed mothers to relinquish their babies exacted an enormous price.
  • ‘Hispanic parents are the kind of parents that leave it to others,’ explains an unwed Salvadoran welfare mother in Santa Ana.
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