How To Use Unweaned In A Sentence

  • In the U.S. Congress, the final Farm Bill enacted into law in 2008 banned the import of young dogs from foreign puppy mills -- stopping the long-distance transport of unweaned puppies from China, Mexico, Russia, and other countries. Michael Markarian: 400 Dogs in Wire Cages
  • I soon came to learn that Shelly was not the unweaned kitten I assumed her to be. Reedu Taha: The Barbi Twins: Why We Bear Our Claws
  • Although she makes the product near her shop in Belmont, Mass., the prerequisite culture harkens from her homeland where the rennet is found in the tummies of unweaned lambs. Bits & Bites: News You Can Eat
  • A previous study using a more intensive collection schedule reported that weaned foals had elevated cortisol levels through 40 h post - weaning compared with unweaned controls.
  • I had some good but not extraordinary suckling pig from the rotisserie with that lovely paper-thin crackling you get from the unweaned animal, and I tried some nice chocolatey venison with a too-sour-for-me cranberry compote.
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  • However, unweaned infants had a similar standardised mortality ratio at all weights at 1 year, including large infants, suggesting that nutritional status at 1 year was unlikely to be a causal factor.
  • Never buy or sell an unweaned, not fully feathered bird.
  • Scattered between the sleeping cats were several cubs of varying ages and both sexes from small unweaned kittens to half-grown yearlings.
  • It has provided an easy target for those who find advantage in denigrating the Commonwealth, whether they be ardent Europeanists in Britain or unweaned nationalists in Canada. The Commonwealth: White Man's Burden or Blind Man's Bluff?
  • So, as soon as I was born, my father tried to end again the hapless life he had given, deeming me his foe, for it was fated he should die at my hand; so he sent me still unweaned to make a pitiful meal for beasts, but I escaped from that. The Phoenissae
  • They drew the line at unweaned babies until they opened their own infants section in 1934, but they provided health information to immigrant women by visiting them and speaking to them in Yiddish. Argentina: Philanthropic Organizations.
  • While giving concentrates to spring/summer calving suckler cows at this time of the year is uneconomic it could be a convenient method for a part of the herd (the late calvers) that remain unweaned up to the time of housing.
  • Do you think me foolish as a babe unweaned, not to know this? Tran Siberian
  • Breeding seasonality was determined by assigning a date of birth to all unweaned juveniles, defined as dependent pouch-young or young-on-back captured with their mothers during trapping sessions.
  • If a yearling is found unweaned it is caught and "blabbed" which is done by fitting a peculiarly shaped piece of wood into its nose that prevents it from sucking but does not interfere with feeding. Arizona Sketches
  • They transported preweaned-preconditioned and unweaned calves to a local auction barn where they were held without feed and water until 1630 h, weighed, and then placed in pens with water only until 0700 h the following morning.
  • That the food fetish has its erotic component is suggested by the means of poison — Amanita phalloides — and by the way Merricat so totally depends upon her older sister as a food provider, as if she were an unweaned infant and not a "great child" grown into an adult. The Witchcraft of Shirley Jackson
  • Also, the process of weaning foals in stalls, either singly or in pairs, results in elevated plasma cortisol when compared with unweaned controls.
  • some children remain unweaned until their second or third birthdays
  • The animal should be unweaned, and thus with a high ability to digest milk, and abundant rennin.
  • Defence lobbyists such as the Conference of Defence Associations -- largely composed of reserve and retired officers -- were dismissed as special-interest grumblers or as corporatist interests unweaned from the public udder. National Defence: A Little Common Sense
  • Scattered between the sleeping cats were several cubs of varying ages and both sexes from small unweaned kittens to half-grown yearlings.
  • The lady was blue, and in great pain from cramp, and the poor unweaned infant was roaring for the nourishment which had failed. A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

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