[ UK /ʌnwˈe‍ɪvəɹɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ənˈweɪvɝɪŋ/ ]
  1. marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable
    a man of unbendable perseverence
    steadfast resolve
    a firm mouth
    unwavering loyalty
    firm convictions
  2. not showing abrupt variations
    she gave him a level look
    spoke in a level voice
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How To Use unwavering In A Sentence

  • Seeing her eyes unwavering, he was curious to know what had brought such a change in her attitude.
  • It seems like some critics who at one moment will adulate a neo-realistic picture for its unwavering depiction of an emotional truth will the next second decry a film for depicting violence in a graphic/real way. Sundance Movie Review/Video Blog: Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me | /Film
  • Le Monde, read by some 2 million people every day, is one of the country's most influential newspapers with extensive contacts in the French establishment and an unwaveringly intellectual tone.
  • And, as always, to Mom and Dad and my family and friends for the unwavering support, and to Audrey, James, and Jonathan for putting up with my “spacey” moments and allowing me time to dwell in make-believe lands. Darkness Becomes Her
  • As such, he was utterly made for the job, as his combination of physical clumsiness, verbal ineptitude and unwaveringly glaikit expression must have made even the most gauche and pallid code-cruncher feel like a cocksure sophisticate. Be My Enemy
  • Like a streetcorner serenade, it's got all the oooh's, aaah's, handclaps and snaps of classic doo-wop, and yet it somehow remains brilliantly, unwaveringly faithful to the original.
  • I'm lucky that I've had unwavering support on this from my parents, my friends, and my advisors.
  • He regularly fails to distinguish the power of Christian worship from acts of magical theurgy: in either kind of activity, the unwavering faith of the believer is what confers success. Loss of Faith
  • An unusual aspect of Wingate's life was his unwavering support of Zionism nurtured perhaps by his unshakable belief in the Old Testament.
  • God is pleased when we approach Him with unwavering faith.
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