How To Use Untypical In A Sentence

  • The recent case of compensation for a traveller detained in a head-lock when trying to run for a train was extreme but not untypical.
  • But, rather untypically, after I had waved the golden carrot, I proceeded to brandish a very sharp stick. Dealings
  • He said that the queues and delays along London Road are not untypical of urban areas.
  • The end of the war found him a not untypical figure among socialists of his generation, a dissenting sergeant agitating for demob. Archive 2007-05-27
  • How, had they kept mothers much in mind, would the National's collaborators have gone ahead and quoted a London Road resident expressing, true to Blythe's research, and not untypically, her relief that the neighbourhood has improved? We shouldn't make entertainment out of others' tragedy | Catherine Bennett
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  • With the group stages earmarked for the middle of the season, fingers are firmly crossed for some untypically warm and sunny weather to help the competition kick off on the right note.
  • For Verity's zeal for battle was as unaffected as it was untypical. IN LOVE AND WAR
  • Modern football is utterly absorbed by the here-and-now, so it was untypical, and poignant, to hear fans acclaim a figure from another era.
  • The most troubling implication of this story is that it appears to be untypical.
  • The great majority of revolutionary populists resolutely rejected the deception and unprincipled adventurism of a few untypical deviants like Nechaev.
  • Not untypically, Virgin Trains is 49% owned by another transport group, Stagecoach. Virgin brands: What does Richard Branson really own?
  • Her angry outburst was untypical; she's usually very quiet woman.
  • The village which possessed this ridiculous but not untypical name lay in my colleague's archdeaconry, but I had heard of the incumbent. ULTIMATE PRIZES
  • His views are not untypical, and in my years following this sport, I cannot recall an issue that has caused such a sustained level of complaint over an extended period from senior figures.
  • Though an ardent supporter of empire, Kipling was in many ways an untypical "sahib," an individualist bent on exploring the forbidden, seamier side of the Punjab region for his fiction. Rudyard and the Raj
  • It was untypical, it was oddly embarrassing in so strong and conventional an Englishwoman. DARE CALL IT TREASON
  • It was only seasoned presidential watchers who detected a slightly rushed delivery, and who noticed an untypical red flush develop below the make-up line on her neck as the press conference wore on.
  • It is not untypical of girls of her age to be concerned about their appearance.
  • Forrader it has one of the back of biologistic and new pricelessness maigre in the us, with a untypically ornament of sesquipedalian scrophulariales as socially, viscerally with combinational chronic and sculptural polypropene. Rational Review
  • Ireland has achieved its aim of becoming, in economic and political terms at least, a fairly typical European country, untypical only in the rapid pace with which it has pursued prosperity.
  • This was so manifestly unjust that Pascoe untypically allowed himself to be provoked. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • The sheer weight of the surprise may partially explain such a starkly untypical response.
  • Her angry outburst was untypical; she's usually very quiet woman.
  • What happens next is probably not untypical for many clubland acts who have their dreams shattered.
  • Aversion to niche pitches runs all the way from ITV's schoolmasterly Peter Fincham ( "niche interest programme proposals may be better directed at a niche interest channel"), via Sky's untypically blunt Stuart Murphy (ideas "can't be niche"), to even More4's seemingly fed-up Hamish Mykura (who has had his fill of "programmes people bring me that are too small and niche to survive elsewhere"). Why don't TV controllers want to find a niche?
  • In the next few days I will be celebrating my two-year anniversary as manager of York City and it has certainly been a typically untypical week.
  • The sheer number and age range of those involved is what makes it untypical.
  • He got off to an untypically slow start, played catch-up for most of the day, but eventually salvaged a respectable score with birdies at his 17th and 18th holes.
  • There are a number of features which are untypical of the way Danielle would express herself.
  • Martinique and Guadeloupe are untypical of the Caribbean.
  • My Jewish protagonist was based on an untypically shabby German I'd seen wandering around Bombay. Voice of the East, Heard From the West
  • Here is one, I suspect not untypical, example of not acknowledging culture and its practitioners.
  • Of course, this "defendant" hadn't, but there were people who were also in the business of "antiquities collecting" (as it is sometimes euphemistically referred to) who had, namely the unnamed eminence grise behind Michael Baigent's most recent and rather untypically somewhat lightweight, "The Jesus Papers" (Harper Collins, 2006). Robert Eisenman: The James Ossuary: Is It Authentic? (An Update)
  • In this untypical but engaging sports autobiography, he portrays himself as a man of destiny, overcoming all obstacles in the way of England's Rugby World Cup victory.
  • Keep in mind that animals are also often traumatized by captivity and display bizarre behavior untypical of their kind unless treated with respect and dignity.
  • Always at his best out on the training field, he was said to become increasingly and untypically remote, and he left, after considerable vocal encouragement from Leeds fans, in 1980. Jimmy Adamson obituary
  • Her angry outburst was untypical; she's usually very quiet woman.
  • Robinson was surprised and a little alarmed at such an untypical gesture.
  • As an aristocrat Hartington was not untypical in regarding them as evangelical fanatics who needed restraining.
  • It seems possible that the past three or four decades, which have seen such frenetic activity in the salerooms and such an increase in public awareness of the potential monetary value of art and antiques, have been untypical.
  • Last Friday's business news was not untypical: the financial news wires now march to the constant drumbeat of corporate malfeasance.
  • Anita Loos was in many respects untypical of the screenwriting trade.
  • Oak trees work to a seasonal calendar that is not impressed by a few days of untypical sunshine.
  • Untypically for a man in that situation he became interested in Buddhism.
  • Her angry outburst was untypical; she's usually very quiet woman.
  • It is not untypical of girls of her age to be concerned about their appearance.
  • The patients who had recurrent syn cope or cerchnus with unknown reason should be further examined to exclude untypical AD.
  • He said: ‘We then expect a request for more information and that would not be untypical when you are dealing with projects of this size.’
  • Other songs, notably Long Shadow, intended for Johnny Cash, are untypically personal.
  • Tusking," published in March 1986, was the first of his poems to appear in the TLS: a powerful frightening parable of coloniser and colonised, it is untypical of Imlah's work only in its short lines. Archive 2009-04-01
  • Her angry outburst was untypical; she's usually very quiet woman.
  • Local wars were habitually regarded as something temporary, accidental, untypical and uncharacteristic of the modem armed warfare, and unworthy of a serious study.
  • His reign was untypically long and, like his father's, characterized by aggression beyond the kingdom's borders.
  • There were no excuses from the Harrison camp but the Scottish fighter looked untypically listless for much of the fight.
  • He switched off thinking Pascoe sounded in an untypically sour mood. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • In truth, they were fortunate that Lionel Messi so untypically missed two clear chances to score and that the referee denied Barcelona a plausible penalty claim, but still there were signs that Wenger's constant reiteration of a belief in his side's "spirit" indeed had some substance. Arsène Wenger's sense of injustice veils deep-lying Arsenal issues | Richard Williams
  • His speech - as much a tirade against British military incompetence and colonialism as an Anzac service prologue - was as untypical for a New Zealander at an Anzac service as it was sharp.
  • But the Jockey Club was untypically lenient last week, and he will now serve a one-day ban rather than a week's lay-off which would have seen him miss all of this week's exciting jumps racing.
  • He was simply trying to distract from his careless and untypical error by being funny.
  • The silphium plant, a sturdy umbellifer (though with some untypical features), was a regular Cyrenaic coin type for hundreds of years.
  • Nor with Gilles Jacob, president of the Festival, who, it must be remarked, also reacted untypically, for him, when interviewed by the same radio station: "There's the film maker and the citizen; the film maker is an immense film maker, but then there's the citizen, and no one is above the law. Bernard-Henri Lévy: Why I Defend Polanski, More Than Ever
  • This particular type of robot application was not untypical, the researchers found.
  • The 22 miles I'm walking each day is not an untypical distance for a family to go and get water.
  • It made Callaghan seem untypically fragile and lacking in confidence.
  • Although he fitted the stereotype, his readiness to talk without reserve was untypical.

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