How To Use Untrodden In A Sentence

  • In his chapter on ‘The Proletarianization of Prometheus,’ however, he walks on untrodden and interesting ground.
  • They keep walking, too, though he can't see them, a loose group of maybe fifty or sixty people, walking from nowhere to nowhere along untrodden paths, surrounded by the dusky forest that hisses at them but does not touch them.
  • Think there are no untrodden places left on earth?
  • We must get beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.
  • Sometimes he gives us a fragment of historical romance, as in the story of the stern old regicide who suddenly appears from the woods to head the colonists of Massachusetts in a critical emergency; then he tries his hand at a bit of allegory, and describes the search for the mythical carbuncle which blazes by its inherent splendour on the face of a mysterious cliff in the depths of the untrodden wilderness, and lures old and young, the worldly and the romantic, to waste their lives in the vain effort to discover it -- for the carbuncle is the ideal which mocks our pursuit, and may be our curse or our blessing. Hours in a Library, Volume I. (of III.)
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  • Shortly after the first Inauguration, he wrote: ‘I walk on untrodden ground.’
  • It was upon this untrodden area that the Vicarage windows looked out with discouraging blankness. IN REMEMBRANCE OF ROSE
  • The arrival of big game hunters in regions previously untrodden by Europeans was seen as the harbinger of civilisation.
  • His heroic effort has opened up a vast, untrodden realm for alphanumerical investigation.
  • The photographs tell us that why we should brood over the murderous innocence of some water bodies when we have plenty of untrodden spots around us.
  • He, who relinquished his executive's job in an insurance company to take the plunge into active politics, is keen on taking an untrodden path.
  • This is relatively untrodden territory, so you'll find the gorillas here much more elusive and nervous than their mountain counterparts.
  • They leave their homes, some barefoot, to join icy, sometimes untrodden trails through the Himalayas that line the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and Nepal.
  • Yet afterwards, when accustomedness had brought its reward of speed, there was still for Billy no time; for increased knowledge had only opened the way to other paths, untrodden and alluring. Miss Billy -- Married
  • The rose garden will remain untrodden by boots other than those of the late lady's family and close friends.
  • Maybe we need to get down from our fancy cars and walk, explore those untrodden paths.
  • Ours is an untrodden field, into which the foot of science has seldom strayed; no historian has embodied our traditions, no poet has sought for inspiration in our groves.
  • Beyond the steps below, there was a perfect surface of untrodden snow. WHITE LIES
  • Every word testifies that they were indited by a writer of puissant individuality, disengaged from the shackles of conventional homiletics, and boldly striking out on untrodden paths. Jewish Literature and Other Essays
  • Its slopes are relatively untrodden, making it ideal for hikers who'd rather earn seclusion than bragging rights.
  • _Never less alone than when alone_ is a true maxim; but not for travelling; a pleasant companion adds a hundredfold to the pleasures of the journey, especially when the friendship is strong enough to stand the occasional strains on the temper which must occur along wild untrodden paths. Through Finland in Carts
  • With the acceptance of his theory, ‘a grand untrodden field of inquiry will be opened’ in biology and natural history.
  • A salute to a new label - Arcobaleno, of the EMS Music Group Belgium - for leading us down untrodden paths.
  • Also, the kid's all-terrain stroller left calligraphic trails in the untrodden carpet.
  • Indeed, he concluded, ‘I walk on untrodden ground.’
  • The furniture was too perfectly arranged, the rugs untrodden upon, everything clean, immaculate, untouched. THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: THE SANGREAL TRILOGY ONE

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