How To Use Untarnished In A Sentence

  • More than his divine powers, his glorious heritage or his incredible prowess was his unblemished, untarnished, irreproachable character.
  • These volunteers went before their state leaders because America's natural heritage is important, because clean and untarnished wilderness is vital to public health, and because both are under attack. Bill Meadows: Americans Speak up for Our Great Outdoors
  • Congratulate the man who, leaving to his family, friends and country a name spotless, untarnished, beloved of nations, to be repeated in foreign tongues and by sparkling seas, has died in the bright and blessed hope of everlasting life. Letters and Journals 02]
  • They are proud to transmit their title untarnished to their descendants, are ready to make serious sacrifices in its behalf, to exercise the rigid self-denials of family control for its sake, and to engrave the motto of "noblesse oblige" on their hearts in order to sustain it; but they bitterly complain that without the majorat, and the transmission of outward, visible supports in land and houses to strengthen it, the empty sound carries little weight. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Vol. III. (of IV.)
  • The York Vale League upholds the traditions of village cricket, which is untarnished by some of the issues surrounding the professional game.
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  • I am pleased Opposition members seem to think I am such a threat that they need to damage my untarnished reputation in the House.
  • His reputation was untarnished and his ambition remains undiminished.
  • Not only has she maintained it, but she has kept it bright and shining, untarnished by time.
  • The steel blade shimmered as if it were made of untarnished chrome.
  • an untarnished reputation
  • The juxtaposition of pure and untarnished souls versus those souls ripped apart by murderous acts has been clearly set up with Harry's undamaged soul vs.
  • Max Abelson and Michael McDonald of Bloomberg News debunked her "untarnished" track record and Spaceballs-worthy jabberwocky: The Full Feed from
  • It was honor, and a true South Carolinian of the old stock would make any sacrifice, give or take life, to uphold his name unsullied or the honor of his family untarnished. History of Kershaw's Brigade
  • The untarnished beauty of nature has deepened our aesthetic sense and sublimated it into a conscious feeling for the environment.
  • Bloomberg also reported that 60 Minutes was wrong about her untarnished' track record. Janet Tavakoli: 2011: The Year 60 Minutes Misled Americans About Municipal Bonds
  • The eagle-eyed may notice that the guns once brandished by the sinister authority figures chasing ET have become walkie talkies but the basic heart and soul of the film remains untarnished by any needless tampering.
  • But more important than these human aspects is the virtually untarnished natural history of the refuge.
  • There's plenty to see on Horta, a lush volcanic island, on the days you're not at sea, and while untarnished by commercialism, it is extremely cosmopolitan, and the traditional stopover for transatlantic sailors.
  • Provided that our virtue be high and our name untarnished, then our office may be low and our income meagre, it is not the fault of our talents, and we should not feel oppressed by it. Lunheng
  • An untarnished innocence that hadn't dimmed any, since the day he was born. AT THE STROKE OF TWELVE
  • I think many people need to see a bit of imperfection, a touch of corruption, to identify with many politicians - those with untarnished integrity tend to inspire dislike as they seem to uphold a standard others don't think they can meet.
  • I have tried my best during my years of public service to keep that name untarnished and respected, unmarked by sorry compromises for expediency. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Not only has she maintained it, but she has kept it bright and shining, untarnished by time.
  • It is clear Edwards doesn't have as much experience as Cheney, but as a result of that he has an 'untarnished' feel to him that makes me think he would not put up with any of the standard bullshit that got thrown at him. Catpewk Diary Entry
  • The holy lotus, whose essence is white, indicates that knowledge is meticulously clean - untarnished by untruth, while the sitting position signifies wisdom, an indication that the ego must be suppressed.
  • They have to support the honour of an ancient family, and to hand down the name untarnished to their posterity. Diary in America, Series Two
  • I like to think that you have come out of all your troubles quite unscathed, young, your name untarnished, your hands clean. Don Orsino
  • It's just that none of those festivals claims to be untarnished by commerce, unsmitten by celebrity, etc., etc. GreenCine Daily: Park City, 2/1.
  • It is beyond comprehension that Clinton was actually impeached for the crime of sexual misconduct and Bush remains untarnished and unaccused while he lied our nation into a illegal war. Think Progress » Video: Feingold Convinces Senators to Block Patriot Act Extension
  • Polls suggest Labour is still trusted on the economy and the chancellor's reputation remains relatively untarnished.
  • Ney -- the bravest of the brave -- left alone in Russia at the last with seven hundred foreign recruits, men picked from here and there, called in from the highways and hedges to share the glory of the only Marshal who came back from Moscow with a name untarnished -- Ney and Girard, musket in hand, were the last to cross the bridge, shouting defiance at their Cossack foes, who, when they had hounded the last of the French across the frontier, flung themselves down on the bloodstained snow to rest. Barlasch of the Guard
  • The beauty of the designs is heightened through the intricate, untarnished and impeccable finish.
  • They were spartan, butincluded a pitcher of cold water and a washbasin and a good, untarnished mirror.
  • As untarnished silver is the best reflector of light, it was used in ancient times to make mirrors.
  • Silver is well known as a bright white metal (when untarnished) exhibiting a high degree of malleability and ductility.

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