How To Use Untaped In A Sentence

  • Watching the men, Severa held one finger to her lips and untaped his mouth. The Worst Years of Your Life
  • Like some dorky computer geek who got promoted after his hair grayed & he bought a respectable pair of untaped glasses. Dlisted - Be Very Afraid
  • Wilfred set Dingo's box down with ceremonious dignity and untaped one end. BABYCAKES
  • Wilfred set Dingo's box down with ceremonious dignity and untaped one end. BABYCAKES
  • Later they must be untaped and inserted between the teeth because the boxes get mixed up in the baggage car, and I do have to get off at San Antone tonight. The Convict and Other Stories
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  • I reviewed the countless untaped conversations and thought about all that I had seen and photographed. Anne Savage: Why McCain and Obama Volunteers Volunteer (SLIDESHOW)
  • I remembered that somewhere, in a box that probably hasn't been untaped from two moves ago that I had a full set of piano tuning tools. Archive 2009-02-01
  • I've had disasters where an untaped cup of water dumps all over the sketchbook. Watercolor Portrait, Tangier
  • Parlabane pulled the mask from his mouth and untaped the drip, while Sarah removed a blue holdall from the cupboard where she'd left it earlier. It's October, 1956.
  • They wrap only around untaped risers or anodized Nittos. Hard Times: Valuating the Cultural Currency of Cycling
  • August 29, 2009 at 3:59 AM really any type of erasable/writing surface will do. i put some paper on our communal tabletop in college, left some colored pencils around, and before you knew it we had a work of art. best part about that was, we just untaped it and hung it up. Turn Cheap Furniture Into A Chalkboard Table | Lifehacker Australia

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