How To Use Unswayed In A Sentence

  • Somehow, somewhere there is someone thinking independently, unswayed by the media.
  • Despite its narrow successes, the intensive propaganda campaign left the public unswayed in more fundamental respects.
  • She pouted at him, but he stood, unswayed, by the doorway.
  • Despite numerous ‘judgments’ against owners of protest sites, it seems that the little man is unswayed and the Internet remains a perfect medium for making grumblings heard.
  • He, for one, is unswayed: ‘These people have not contributed to our society.’
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  • Is the sword unswayed? ” depend upon it they'll never make you their king, as long as any branch of that great stock is remaining. Selected English Letters
  • unswayed by personal considerations
  • They are spontaneous, unswayed by conventional wisdom and able to think outside the box. Times, Sunday Times
  • Regarding possible changes in IR35, she is unswayed.
  • It's a crowd of Christians unswayed by public opinion polls 90 percent in favor of war, because they know a longer history and a larger community.
  • These people are unswayed by political winds and unaffected by public opinion. The Sun
  • I am utterly unswayed by his attempt to argue one is a drastic departure from the traditional focus, while the other is not.
  • Unswayed, the manager thanks him formulaically for applying. Andy Kroll: Unemployed: Stranded on the Sidelines of a Jobs Crisis
  • It's a good thing she did not have to give evidence before him - he appears to be monumentally unswayed by codswallop.
  • But the judge and jury were unswayed. Times, Sunday Times
  • But Judge Kaplan was unswayed, and said that whatever Ghailani had suffered “at the hands of the CIA or our government” paled in comparison to the suffering his actions had caused. Guantanamo Detainee Sentenced to Life in Prison
  • Fortunately, we drew a rational, deliberative judge, unswayed by the case's racially charged nature: a poor black kid against a rich white Ivy Leaguer.
  • In contrast, one could argue that financial analysts might be unswayed by reports of the use of popular techniques, since their job is to predict the earnings and wellbeing of firms in the industry.
  • He's unswayed by the government's backing of his nomination.
  • It is an audience unswayed and indifferent to the news that Vick is the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year or that the Philadelphia Eagles subsequently gave him the "franchise" tag. Morris W. O'Kelly: Michael Vick Likely Saved Career in Oprah Cancellation
  • The 14 countries who gathered at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul split into two groups, with those favoring engagement remaining unswayed by the sanctioneers.
  • He is keen on several Irish companies - he lists out CRH, Elan and Bank of Ireland as current favourites - but is unswayed by talk of the Celtic Tiger, preferring to focus on underlying growth rates in individual companies.
  • The student was almost unswayed by her bland tone.
  • ‘Indeed,’ she said absently, unswayed by his attempt at humour.
  • He takes a relatively restrained approach to potentially melodramatic material and scenes in which she is unswayed by bribes or beatings make a considerable impact.
  • Civil rights groups say the death penalty is an anachronism for a modern nation, but Singapore officials have been unswayed by appeals to stop the execution.
  • Non-experts being paid to participate in a survey had inflated opinions of works of art associated with the sponsor, but art experts were unswayed by the financial consideration.
  • I am not swayed by these 'unswayed' super delegates. A Super-Delegate Meets With Hillary And Obama, Comes Away Unswayed
  • Her world is as yet unswayed by the opinions of others, which makes her tenacity so interesting and invigorating. Times, Sunday Times
  • For those, like him, unswayed by such arguments, there are, though, signs of a forthcoming shift.
  • It's good to see that a subsequent jury was unswayed by the arguments of an ambulance-chasing QC.

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