[ UK /ʌnstˈe‍ɪbə‍l/ ]
[ US /ənˈsteɪbəɫ/ ]
  1. disposed to psychological variability
    his rather unstable religious convictions
  2. lacking stability or fixity or firmness
    the tower proved to be unstable in the high wind
    unstable political conditions
    an unstable world economy
  3. suffering from severe mental illness
    of unsound mind
  4. highly or violently reactive
    sensitive and highly unstable compounds
  5. subject to change; variable
    everything was unstable following the coup
    a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty
  6. affording no ease or reassurance
    a precarious truce
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How To Use unstable In A Sentence

  • After the fall of Pitt in 1801 there was a decade of unstable government.
  • Arbon, are you speaking in generalities (Microsoft OS products are 'iffy' right out of the box!) are do you have current experience with an unstable Win7 product? Computers in mexico
  • She stubbed her toe and managed to release the guitar from its holding and it twanged on the ground, waking the two very unstable-temperamental parents below.
  • Watching Nixon's henchmen come out of the woodwork to declare their moral indignation at the ethical lapses of Mark Felt was tantamount to watching Liza Minelli criticize someone else for being an an unstable boozehound.
  • The cash-strapped councils need the money to plug leaks in school roofs, shore up unstable walls, install modern heating systems, repair cracked, draughty windows and remove temporary classrooms.
  • In some cases of abduction, the abducting parent is mentally unstable and/or a drug abuser.
  • He had, so the court was told, taken up with a 'widgie-type' girl who had the 'unstable combination of an adult body and an immature mind'.
  • If Khouri is as mentally unstable as the article implies then that's a bit harsh, don't you reckon?
  • He was emotionally unstable.
  • DSK's defenders paint her as fragile and emotionally unstable. Times, Sunday Times
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