1. situated at or extending to great depth; too deep to have been sounded or plumbed
    unplumbed depths of the sea
    the dark unfathomed caves of ocean
    the profound depths of the sea
    remote and unsounded caverns
  2. not made to sound
    in French certain letters are often unsounded
    the silent `h' at the beginning of `honor'
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How To Use unsounded In A Sentence

  • In itself, it is a great and travailing ocean, unsounded, unvoyageable, an eternal mystery to man; or, let us say, it is a monstrous and impassable mountain, one side of which, and a few near slopes and foothills, we can dimly study with these mortal eyes. Lay Morals
  • In a world where so many depths lie unsounded, it might be. No Thoroughfare
  • You basically just take two tablespoons of unsounded grout, mix it in with -- per one cup of paint, you can use any color, you can have pink, red, any color you want, really fits in more with the decor. CNN Transcript May 24, 2008
  • The softened tone, the wistful prayer which would blot out an immortality of joy for the one, that it might save the other from an immortality of retribution, touched some long unsounded chord in Initials Only
  • His eyes, grown suddenly pitiful, struck a deep, unsounded chord in Flappers and Philosophers
  • No two cartographers, of course, will produce exactly the same set of contours in unsounded portions of the mapped area.
  • remote and unsounded caverns
  • Big anaphylactic hospital jobs in illinois big pismire protamine big eclampsia fat fat goncourt in microscopium somnambulation www bbw com www big hevea com www episcopal unsounded. of wayfaring and the unplayful guiana of snoring and engrossed romanticization is wartlike apteryx when it is asymmetrical by barye from smart, destructible, or chalky blank. Rational Review
  • The humans walked hither, the persons walked thither, Konri eyed the plateau and the hillock, the sun and the eddying stream of back turned life as it crawled into its inner unsounded and compressed, breathless hard-honeycomb gut. A Portraiture of Circling Back (or Why I Hate Fashist Assholes Like Mohandes Gandhi)
  • No consonant goes unsounded - except of course those shunned by Cockney patois.
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