How To Use Unsighted In A Sentence

  • An unsighted Chris Tuffy just could not get his body behind the ball and the visitors went 2-1 up rather fortuitously.
  • Three patients, aged from 58 to 68 years, were unsighted in one eye.
  • Mike Newman, 41, smashed the world land speed record for a car driven solo by an unsighted man, taking the title back from a sighted man with experience as a racing driver who set the record by wearing a blindfold.
  • Anyway, around four o'clock a new, previously unsighted older, white-haired woman came out of the kitchen.
  • Traffic emerging from Bradford should then give way, which all except left - hand drive vehicles can do readily without being unsighted.
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  • I glanced up over the unsighted pages of the newspaper to look through the café window up the avenue. THE GWEN JOHN SCULPTURE
  • I can't blame the referee for that because he was unsighted but the assistant official was right by the side of it and obviously didn't see it.
  • This area of research into what is known as "assistive technology" in the UK is becoming increasingly important, especially for people who are unsighted.
  • Right from the outset, Kendal looked to have luck running with them when Longton had what appeared to be a perfectly good try disallowed in the ninth minute because the referee said he was unsighted.
  • Gareth Gorman took the awarded free-kick, guiding the ball around the wall and into the bottom-left corner, past the unsighted David Moran.
  • The ‘keeper was slightly unsighted as it passed through the bodies crowding the area and the ball found its way into the far corner.
  • However, the referee was unsighted and disallowed the score but the indefatigable Ainslie peeled off a maul two minutes later to touch down next to the posts for Mitchell to convert.
  • Their lad spun off the wall and the ball was driven through the gap leaving our keeper unsighted.
  • I actually enjoyed watching the film with this feature on, and can imagine what a boon it would be to an unsighted person.
  • In the ‘keeper's defence, he may have been unsighted as the ball went through a United defender's legs.
  • In the growing dark they were unsighted until close up.
  • Their hard working pack, typified by the endeavour of skipper Matt Atkinson who was playing out of position in the second row, had again been denied a score on the left because the referee was unsighted.
  • He wasn't much interested in dating - a sighted or unsighted woman - as he'd recently ended a 2 year relationship with someone.
  • They were unlucky not to take lead after 10 minutes when Gavin Peavoy touched down but the referee being unsighted disallowed what appeared to be a good score.
  • Australian referee, Stuart Dickinson, was unsighted, however, and awarded France another penalty.
  • Carlisle levelled the scores 10 minutes later when the ball was pushed through a crowded circle past the partially unsighted goalie.
  • Both umpires claimed that they were unsighted, and were thus forced to give Somny the benefit of the doubt.
  • Boccia is best described as a wheelchair version of boules, while goalball is for unsighted athletes and resembles handball. Everything you need to know about the London 2012 Paralympics
  • Any enemy ship was unable to pass unsighted between any two of the German ships.
  • His effort only succeeded in deflecting the ball past the defender and subsequently into the corner of the net past the unsighted Stephen Kelly in the De La Salle goal.
  • Mike Newman, 41, smashed the world land speed record for a car driven solo by an unsighted man, taking the title back from a sighted man with experience as a racing driver who set the record by wearing a blindfold.
  • They have that whisper and waving of secresy in secret scenery; they beckon to the bath; and they conjure classic visions of the pudency of the Goddess irate or unsighted. Diana of the Crossways — Volume 2
  • She said two of the remaining three, unsighted threatened species had not been spotted since 1965 while the other had gone undetected since 1891.
  • Brushtail possums, previously unsighted, were recorded in significant numbers.
  • Initially, referee Fintan Barrett, who may have been unsighted, issued yellow cards all round but as Casey had already picked up one of these, his dismissal resulted.
  • Ten minutes into the second half Emer Tansey shot through a crowd of players past the unsighted Kilmore keeper, to make it 3-0.
  • Fielding scored a perfectly good try in the bottom left corner from a miss-move, set up by Viallie, but going down the short side the referee was unsighted and gave the pass forward.
  • Scott Walker's headed clearance found Hartley 20 yards out, and the former Hibs player atoned for his earlier penalty miss by sending a low volley past the unsighted Roy.
  • Bolton then looked to have scored as they attacked the blind side from a scrum, the referee was however unsighted.
  • Liverpool failed to clear the ball and Carsley slotted it home past an unsighted Kirkland.

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