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[ US /ˌənsətɪsˈfæktɝi/ ]
[ UK /ʌnsˌætɪsfˈæktəɹˌi/ ]
  1. not giving satisfaction
    our discussion was very unsatisfactory
    life is becoming increasingly unsatifactory
    her performance proved to be unsatisfactory
    shops should take back unsatisfactory goods
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How To Use unsatisfactory In A Sentence

  • Its heroes were beastly revellers or cruel and ferocious plunderers; its heroines unsexed hoidens, playing the ugliest tricks with their lovers, and repaying slights with bloody revenge, -- very dangerous and unsatisfactory companions for any other than the fire - eating Vikings and redhanded, unwashed Berserkers. The Conflict with Slavery and Others, Complete, Volume VII, The Works of Whittier: the Conflict with Slavery, Politics and Reform, the Inner Life and Criticism
  • Do moral arguments provide an unsatisfactory basis upon which to prohibit insider dealing?
  • Mr. Masson's discussions of Milton's English are, it seems to me, for the most part unsatisfactory He occupies some ten pages, for example, with a history of the genitival form _its_, which adds nothing to our previous knowledge on the subject and which has no relation to Milton except for its bearing on the authorship of some verses attributed to him against the most overwhelming internal evidence to the contrary. Among My Books Second Series
  • That is so, in the same way that if after a verdict of guilty an appellate court concludes that the conviction is unsafe and unsatisfactory it quashes the jury's verdict.
  • Payment shield's attempts at explaining the delay were unsatisfactory. Times, Sunday Times
  • This jibes with research showing that women are physiologically and emotionally more sensitive to unsatisfactory relationships.
  • It will come as no surprise to those who view Mr. Speaker Martin as incompetent, chippy and partial to the Government to discover that he is at the heart, yet again, of an effort to conceal from the public gaze something which appears to be unsatisfactory and discreditable about the conduct of the democratic affairs of the House and therefore the nation. Archive 2007-10-28
  • This is unsatisfactory as my urgent issues remain unanswered.
  • A wholly unsatisfactory first half was followed by a much better second. The Sun
  • The handling of the Regensburg address and of the recent lifting of the excommunication from the SSPX bishops was unsatisfactory. Pope Benedict XVI, the ecclesiastically incorrect" pontiff
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