How To Use Unratified In A Sentence

  • Talks aimed at completing Kyoto – signed in 1997 but unratified - are scheduled to take place in Bonn in July.
  • While such subterfuges allow presidents to ignore selected parts of unratified agreements, the administration's objective is precisely the opposite.
  • Nonetheless, Carter's successor, President Ronald Reagan, continued to abide by the unratified SALT II pledges.
  • While several of the powers that would make up the Typhon Pact had begun discussing an alliance more than a year ago, it had only been within the last half-year that a general, albeit still unfinalized and still unratified, agreement had been reached among five of them; the sixth, the Tzenkethi Coalition, had only recently decided to join. Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire
  • It may remain unratified indefinitely, but that’s not the same thing. The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted
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  • the unratified Equal Right Amendment
  • There are many unratified treaties pending before the Senate. The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted
  • As it is unratified, however, by any major spacefaring powers and unsigned by most of them, it is of no direct relevance to current space activities.
  • Based upon an unratified draft of the group's preamble and their emphasis on staging "teach-ins," not much. Mark Cassello: Occupy Chicago Regroups After Recent Success
  • There are now eight unratified ILO occupational and health conventions.
  • He supported the visionary Burlingame mission (1868) and the favourable terms found in the unratified Alcock convention (1869).
  • The treaty remained unratified by England till the 20th of September 1490, a year and a half after its ratification by the Spanish sovereigns at Medina.
  • Under the Vienna Convention (also unratified, but recognized as codifying interpretive principles of customary international law), states that have signed a treaty are not to act so as to undermine it until it has been ratified or rejected by the ratifying body (i.e. unsigning is not contemplated). The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted
  • The Union army code announced in 1863 strongly influenced the unratified Declaration of Brussels (1874).
  • Legal writers often cite unratified treaties and reports of international agencies, such as those of the International Law Commission, as indi cating a trend toward general consent.
  • WPA is a subset of the as yet unratified 802.11i security standard.
  • It was only when Gov. Charles Robinson assured them that the "unratified and unproclaimed treaty was not a surrender but a triumph of diplomacy" that the mutineers were quelled.
  • Many of the 240 environmental treaties enacted over the past 80 years remain unratified and unenforced.

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