[ UK /ʌnpˈɒlɪʃt/ ]
  1. lacking social polish
    too gauche to leave the room when the conversation became intimate
    their excellent manners always made me feel gauche
  2. not carefully reworked or perfected or made smooth by polishing
    dull unpolished shoes
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How To Use unpolished In A Sentence

  • His stark, dramatic compositions strive for immediacy of effect at all costs - now in unpolished newsreel fashion, now in shadowy borrowings from Expressionism.
  • Hence a bumping lass is a large girl of her age, and a bumpkin is a large-limbed, uncivilized rustic; the idea of grossness of size entering into the idea of a country bumpkin, as well as that of unpolished rudeness. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 387, August 28, 1829
  • This article is a little ragged and unpolished.
  • He's unpolished as a candidate and the poor man just couldn't get his shit together.
  • Nature is an outcry, unpolished truth; the art-a euphemism-tamed wilderness. Dejan Stojanovic 
  • It's a great string-soaked leap on from XO, his debut for the Dreamworks label, and a different kind of record from Elliott Smith, Roman Candle and Either / Or, his downbeat and unpolished earlier work.
  • A few shops in the city buy unpolished pots and sell them for a hefty sum after colouring and decorating them.
  • : cleansing or scouring agrestic: rural, rustic, unpolished, uncouth apodeictic: unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration caducity: perishableness, senility compossible: possible in coesistence with something else embrangle: to confuse or entangle exuviate: to shed (a skin or similar outer covering): short and stout, squat griseous Club Troppo
  • He shunned the fury of the senses and what Keats called ‘ruffian passion’, which Boucher perceived as not merely unpolished and irrational but also as supremely unaesthetic.
  • Tantalum is a very hard, malleable, ductile metal with a silvery bluish color when unpolished, but a bright silvery color when polished.
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