How To Use Unpleasantly In A Sentence

  • The water moved darkly around the body, unpleasantly thick and brown.
  • This wasn't just unpleasantly salty; it was inedibly so. Times, Sunday Times
  • I was desperate for approval and to find some common ground to smooth over an unpleasantly awkward couple of days.
  • July begins unpleasantly with us, cold and showery, but it is often a baddish month. Jane Austen, Her Life and Letters A Family Record
  • It must be eaten ripe, since latex and tannin present in the unripe fruit give it an unpleasantly astringent taste.
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  • We can teach them that a puddle of fresh rainwater is unpleasantly wet and cold or that playing in it can be fun.
  • His eyes are gritty; there is a sour taste in his mouth, his heart is beating unpleasantly fast, and there is a roaring in his ears.
  • She smelled unpleasantly fruity, like the statice Madda grew in the backyard, straddling the thin line between overripe and rotten. Slice Of Cherry
  • Combined with the unseasoned spinach, the dish shifted from dull to unpleasantly boring.
  • A simple healthy leisure class it was — the best of the men not unpleasantly undergraduate — they seemed to be on a perpetual candidates list for some etherealized The Beautiful and Damned
  • She had an unpleasantly loud didactic voice.
  • Jared clenched his jaw so tightly that his teeth gnashed unpleasantly.
  • This most uncomfortable vehicle is a kind of wagonette, with somewhat dilapidated canvas curtains, through which the wind whistled most unpleasantly, being utterly insufficient to keep out the cold. A Winter Tour in South Africa
  • Warm light from kerosene lamps gives the impression of comfort, but despite woolen Oriental carpets insulating the hardwood floor and the heavy oaken wall panels, the cabin is unpleasantly chilly. Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Channeling Characters
  • While the sauce for the chicken korma was mild and creamy, the texture of the meat, I'm sorry to say, was unpleasantly chewy and spongy.
  • When slave labour camps are part of your family history, you may feel a bit queasy about seeking friendship with a country whose system of prison labour looks unpleasantly similar to the Soviet gulag.
  • corsage," which at once, and unpleasantly, falsifies the picture; and he adds matter to dot the I's to an extent certainly not warranted even by Infessura. The Life of Cesare Borgia
  • A method of tuning in which some concords are made slightly impure so that few or none will be unpleasantly out of tune.
  • Others - notably anything frosted with the unpleasantly grainy chocolate buttercream frosting - can cloy.
  • The Heidlers are an unpleasantly hypocritical pair.
  • Move around while listening and the hum changes to a low, soothing throb or at particularly resonant points in the room, vibrates your skull rather unpleasantly.
  • The bubbles from the carbonated soda fizzed unpleasantly in my insides as I walked through the park, headed for Acacia's.
  • They also taste unpleasantly charred and vaguely ashy.
  • The water moved darkly around the body, unpleasantly thick and brown.
  • Having assured my fellow-traveller of my unqualified approbation of all I had witnessed, there was a short pause, during which he employed himself in cutting from a cake of honeydew a small plug about half an inch square; this went to replace one which he deposited unpleasantly near my feet. The Civil War in America
  • Note that I'm taking this as a high-water mark: go further back and you will find a baroque mixture of naff and the unpleasantly unlistenable.
  • Unpleasantly sharp, pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell.
  • Uses The roots of wild plants are generally unpleasantly acrid in flavour on account of the presence of crystals of calcium oxalate, which are clustered particularly thickly under the skin.
  • Unpleasantly grey, it's claggy and finishes with a sugary blitz. Times, Sunday Times
  • The result was a mediocre dessert which was saved from being unpleasantly dry, but which still left an unnecessarily sour taste in the mouth.
  • His attempt to shout to the last row makes his voice unpleasantly harsh.
  • he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest
  • I'm alarmed that people over the age of 16 can act so unpleasantly towards their fellow humans, but I suppose that makes me naive and thin-skinned.
  • * Thus, in "The state was made, under the pretence of serving it, in reality the prize of their contention to each of these opposite parties," it is unpleasantly doubtful whether the writer means (1) _state_ or (2) _parties_ to be emphatic. How to Write Clearly Rules and Exercises on English Composition
  • To some observers there seemed something unpleasantly appropriate about the fact that his recreational passion at Sagamore Hill that summer of 1903 was the so-called point-to-point “obstacle walk,” the one rule, the only rule, being that the participant must go up and over, or through, every obstacle, never around it. The Path Between the Seas
  • Then I had to wait some three years, and the attitude in hospital and lack of administrative efficiency was unpleasantly conspicuous.
  • When I was in danger, they twanged unpleasantly inside me. My Fair Succubi
  • He had said he would drag her through every court in the land, which sounded unpleasantly threatening.
  • he had been unpleasantly surprised
  • I was so unpleasantly occupied, for some time after her departure, with the knaveries said to be practised among the dense cover of the Windmill Wood, that I did not immediately recollect that we had omitted to ask her any particulars about her guests. Uncle Silas
  • The word "pot" to me had the quotation-marked ring of moms and teacher trying to sound hipper than they really were, which was unpleasantly close to a description of myself. Jonathan Franzen: I Keep Pot In My Freezer
  • The cabin or "cuddy," which had been surrendered to them by the fishermen who were now outside, was a diminutive place, smelling unpleasantly of fish and burnt grease. Frank Merriwell's Reward
  • Can anyone reassure me I'm being unpleasantly jaded and cynical… or has it crossed other minds?
  • Nemeth was probably being taken to Tardonia, either to be ransomed or more likely to be unpleasantly executed, body charred and features withered by hostile magic.
  • This reminds me -- not unpleasantly -- of the "famulus" social-engineering familiars in Ian McDonald's brilliant novel Out on Blue Six. Boing Boing: May 18, 2003 - May 24, 2003 Archives
  • The carbonation is a little heavier than what I normally expect in a stout, but not unpleasantly so. Miasmatic Review
  • M. Yriarte, however, goes a step further, and prefers to translate it as "corsage," which at once, and unpleasantly, falsifies the picture; and he adds matter to dot the I's to an extent certainly not warranted even by Infessura. The Life of Cesare Borgia
  • Then I had to wait some three years, and the attitude in hospital and lack of administrative efficiency was unpleasantly conspicuous.
  • Most food is equally palatable hot or cold, apart from very high-fat foods, which stick around the mouth unpleasantly when cold.
  • All that's missing is a "blam" and a "ka-pow" on-screen -- thought there just might be one or two of those tossed into the unpleasantly ornate backgrounds without our knowing. DVD Talk
  • The general tone of the piece is cynical, morbid and unpleasantly other-worldly.
  • The farmers about here consider him as rolling in wealth, and I must say that, though the parsonage is absolutely bare of luxuries, one is not there often unpleasantly reminded that the parson is a poor man. Oldtown Folks
  • But it was not to be avoided: he made her feel that she was the object of all; though she could not say that it was unpleasantly done, that there was indelicacy or ostentation in his manner; and sometimes, when he talked of William, he was really not unagreeable, and shewed even a warmth of heart which did him credit. Mansfield Park
  • Her cape was a sodden woolen mass, and her walking boots squished unpleasantly when she walked.
  • The concrete under foot was cold and unpleasantly damp, with intermittent soft squelches and sharp jabs.
  • I did a neat backward somersault and landed in the river in a welter of blue and silver, unpleasantly aware I could not swim.
  • Oh, and people with unpleasantly posh Home Counties accents who speak far louder than they need to in an enclosed space should probably be gagged with gaffer tape.
  • In 1755, some seventy years after the last dodo's death, the director of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford decided that the institution's stuffed dodo was becoming unpleasantly musty and ordered it be tossed into a bonfire." [p. 564] This was the last specimen left in existence. BOOK REVIEW FROM THE EDGE OF THE PLANET: ‎Bill Bryson's A SHORT HISTORY OF NEARLY ‎EVERYTHING ‎
  • The bubbles from the carbonated soda fizzed unpleasantly in my insides.
  • That is just as well, since it often induced an unpleasantly rancid truffle aroma and taste.

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