How To Use Unobservable In A Sentence

  • In the writings of the logical empiricists this view was closely allied to a sceptical attitude concerning the ontological status of the unobservable things postulated by scientific theories.
  • Even when samples are representative, some characteristics that affect individuals 'behavior remain unobservable, which makes it difficult, or impossible, to explain some of the variation among individuals. The Prize in Economics 2000 - Information for the Public
  • Does the same evolutionary predilection lead physicists and mathematicians to see beauty in the unobserved, or unobservable?
  • Those who conceptualize power from the first dimension are ‘opposed to any suggestion that interests might be unarticulated or unobservable’.
  • I tend to think that statements like ‘there is an unobservable pink fairy on my shoulder’ are meaningless.
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  • However, origins science deals with the origin of things in the past - unique, unrepeatable, unobservable events.
  • As a result, Freshfields said the "unobservable" part of the hedge fund industry, outside of major jurisdictions, would attract market share and become more risky from a systemic perspective. Between the Hedges
  • This can theoretically exist in the world of action and so you need not postulate fundamentally unobservable preferences. Cowenian Advice: The Best and the Worst, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • If productivity declines represent a loss of ten to fifteen percent of average sales, then we can use this percentage as a proxy for the unobservable productivity figure.
  • But because structural changes to the true genealogy are generally unobservable, these studies all assume that observed variation is neutral, whereas the variation on which selection acts is unseen.
  • While this is certainly possible, a critical point Barr emphasizes is that proposing an infinity of unobservable entities is no more scientifically defensible than proposing a single unobservable one God. Matt J. Rossano: Are Infinities More Scientific Than God?
  • Reputation and trust are unobservable but they are just as real. Times, Sunday Times
  • If, however, the unobservable portion of the universe consists solely of a thin distribution of hydrogen gas there's no reason to think that, however vast it is, it would produce life. A Short Critique of Bradley Monton's Paper
  • The absurdity grows even more palpable among astrophysicists who avoid acknowledging the human-friendly pattern in subatomic and cosmic architecture found in the observable universe only by theorizing the existence of an infinite number of unobservable universes in which sovereign randomness has dictated other and more hostile architectures. An Interview with Elisabet Sahtouris
  • In quantum field theories, the actual field values are one of these unobservable things; what we can actually see is discrete excitations of the fields that we call ‘particles.’
  • In particular, he thought that the unobservable entities postulated by scientific theories were Kant's noumena or things in themselves. Structural Realism
  • However, we can sometimes infer some of the particle's unobservable properties from what we can observe.
  • At the other end of the continuum are jobs involving processes that are abstract or unobservable. Human Resource Management in Government
  • As agents' types are unobservable to the principal, the principal can only impose the same criterion on all agents.
  • Does the same evolutionary predilection lead physicists and mathematicians to see beauty in the unobserved, or unobservable?
  • The behaviorist, like the molecular biologist or astrophysicist, assumes that, for the most part, unobservable events obey the same laws as the observable ones they can study.
  • Past events are unobservable and unrepeatable, so trying to reconstruct vanished history is (for the evolutionist, at least), rather like investigating a crime for which there are no witnesses.
  • As described in Section 1.6, the constructive empiricist argues that one can make sense of the observable/unobservable distinction, even if observation is theory-laden. Beyond the Voice
  • Satan's rebellion arises in no small measure from an over-estimation of the importance of existents and a rejection of those aspects of his relationship with God to be affirmed through belief: the unobservable act of his own creation; and the benevolence of the Son's vicegerent rule, which he takes to be an expression of divine authoritarianism. Feisal G. Mohamed: Evaluating the Post-Secular Return to Belief
  • If nothing else, Wringe v Cohen shifts the burden of proof from the claimant to the defendant, since it is the occupier who must establish that the nuisance was caused by a trespasser or a secret unobservable process of nature.
  • But if ‘unobservable’ is thus interpreted, it seems to be true that material objects are unobservable, and the recognition of this truth could hardly be regarded as a matter for reproach.
  • I choose to hold the belief that every act of magic has some effect, even if it is so miniscule (or cosmic, or seemingly unrelated) as to be unobservable.
  • The safeguards, intended to prevent the opportunities for fraudand manipulation, which we have enjoyed for well over a century, willbe rendered nonexistent if we permit our vote counting to be concealed within the unobservable processes of acomputer. Why We Must Speak Out
  • Electrical chemical instruments allow for the naturally unobservable, such as molecules, to be observed.
  • Such situations often occur when only some agents, often with characteristics that are unobservable to the researcher, do not appear in the sample. The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1969-2006
  • Most of the damage caused to the crops occurs during the underground, unobservable parasitism stage.
  • It involved appeal to the flow of energy governed by thermodynamics and differential equations - all concepts possessing unobservable aspects - and made full use of a manifold of mental pictures.
  • Similarly, a firm may value worker characteristics that are unobservable to employment agencies but quite observable to family and friends.
  • unobservable" by traditional empiricists standards is possible. Scientific Realism
  • I could understand such a view in a religious believer - as religious believers believe in lots of mysterious, mystical and unobservable stuff - but Keith is an atheist!
  • There is, of course, the question of unobservable costs - and read Ambassador Peter Galbraith's disturbing account in the Boston Globe on that issue.
  • National portraits typically underestimate change as well as variation, and their explanatory schemas commonly invoke unobservable traditions more than socio-economic institutions.
  • I am willing to believe that FFDs stand in for a host of unobservable features of family life, and so it is a good predictive variable. Wow! Repeat After Me: Correlation N.E. Causation
  • As in the analysis of the sample, they use a statistical model in which the intention of the voters - an unobservable variable - is measured, with some error, by different events.
  • During October, Mercury remains close to the Sun and so is unobservable until its return to the evening sky later in November.
  • In order to study the optimal incentive schemes when both manager's ability type and effort are unobservable, this paper sets up an information revelation model of manager.
  • Controlling for all of these observable differences through matching or multivariate methods may well be possible, but considerable unobservable heterogeneity that would be difficult to control for would probably remain.

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