How To Use Unobjectionable In A Sentence

  • Most of the report is unobjectionable. Times, Sunday Times
  • With this easy-to-use device, not available in stores, you can repackage an unobjectionable or toadying remark as an act of verbal courage.
  • I am glad that I added Jack's blog to my list of unobjectionable content (check out his recent post on anthrax).
  • While the day-to-day coverage of the campaign was unobjectionable, no newspaper conducted a serious investigation into Bloomberg's history.
  • We unobjectionable please proceed negotiation as think best.
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  • In more recent years as well, the (politically unobjectionable) issue of volunteerism has been a popular focus. Times, Sunday Times
  • And the unglamorous, unobjectionable truth is that we don't experience film history in order. The Times Literary Supplement
  • And the pledges were largely of the motherhood and apple pie kind-wholesome, sensible and entirely unobjectionable.
  • Possibly, but I could imagine a climate of opinion developing in which it might come to be seen as unobjectionable in either case given unforeseen events.
  • The first change concerned the distribution of powers between the members of the commission and is unobjectionable if the proper procedure had been followed.
  • Bush got what he wanted - a Supreme Court nominee too unobjectionable to be filibustered.
  • Compared to some of the other models on this list, Sharethrough is relatively unobjectionable, because it doesn't pay users directly or manipulate play counts, the way some bands did on MySpace.
  • And again: "Hadst thou not had a villain's heart, thou shouldst have gained my consent, then made this match, instead of hiding it from those who loved thee" -- a sentiment which would seem to us astounding and inexplicable had we not became familiar with it in the preceding pages relating to savages and barbarians, by whom what we call infidelity was considered unobjectionable, provided it was not done secretly. Primitive Love and Love-Stories
  • Evidently, the term wingnut is so familiar as to be unobjectionable, and, perhaps in this context attacks exaggerated out of all credibility, at least by non-Bork standards it is, but the generally overbroad application of that term makes it problematic. The Volokh Conspiracy » WaPo on Tom Goldstein and ScotusBlog:
  • unobjectionable behavior
  • the ends are unobjectionable; it's the means that one can't accept
  • So, to recap - Clayton finds punitive damages unobjectionable on moral grounds, but dislikes the natural procedural workings of the system that's necessary for cases to be brought under the adversarial system.
  • Put that way, it sounds unobjectionable. Times, Sunday Times
  • The biopsychosocial model, as this something-for-everyone approach came to be known, seems as obvious and unobjectionable as any other ecumenical view. MANUFACTURING DEPRESSION
  • In some cases, like eligibility for social welfare payments, the targets can be identified fairly objectively by income testing and the process is unobjectionable.
  • Many people rather enjoy the sight of wind farms, while nuclear power stations are fairly unobjectionable and localised. Times, Sunday Times
  • But even this unobjectionable piece was marred by Woodruff's need to explain that ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log.’
  • As nakedness goes, the piece is a fairly tame, unobjectionable example.
  • Much of the policing so far is unobjectionable in its goals and motivation but barely acceptable in the costs to innocent civilian bystanders.
  • And the pledges were largely of the motherhood and apple pie kind-wholesome, sensible and entirely unobjectionable.
  • The wiretaps are, to my mind, unobjectionable. Times, Sunday Times
  • The trouble is that it is all so unobjectionable. Times, Sunday Times
  • And exuberance is surely sometimes entirely unobjectionable, not least in a book that praises it.
  • That principle quoted has an unobjectionable ring. Times, Sunday Times
  • In contrast to the graphic and scary depiction of parental behaviour in previous NSPCC initiatives, today's ‘Someone To Turn To’ campaign appears unobjectionable.
  • So ingrained is the reflex of contention that even seemingly unobjectionable ideas provoke it.
  • This made the task of creating a clear and unobjectionable border extremely difficult. Times, Sunday Times
  • Some applications of automatic face recognition systems are relatively unobjectionable; for example to regulate access to weapons, money, criminal evidence, nuclear materials, or biohazards.
  • Both names are unobjectionable, but as the term Caddo has priority by a few pages preference is given to it. Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1885-1886, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1891
  • That statement is true, and therefore unobjectionable.
  • The situation therefore required me to appear blandly virtuous and unobjectionable at all times. Times, Sunday Times
  • We unobjectionable please proceed negotiation as think best.
  • Much of the policing so far is unobjectionable in its goals and motivation but barely acceptable in the costs to innocent civilian bystanders.
  • That would have been mushy but unobjectionable.
  • The new forms of state intervention into our private lives are seen as unobjectionable by many commentators and intellectuals; indeed, they see them as desirable.
  • Other typical questions, and appropriate unobjectionable neutral answers, include: What magazines and newspapers do you subscribe to or read regularly?
  • The consolation here is that the garden is clean and unobjectionable, requiring no more than grass cutting from Graham and general weeding and pruning from me.
  • Structural regulation, not involving direct control of speech but intended to make sure that the market works well, is also unobjectionable.

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