How To Use Unneeded In A Sentence

  • Once any part of the team feels left out, unwanted, unneeded or forgotten - watch out!
  • During starvation, in addition to lowering body temperature, thereby decreasing heat loss and energy needed to maintain a higher temperature, the organism destroys unessential functional capacity and unneeded tissue.
  • Critics blasted him for pouring taxpayer funds into badly managed banks and unneeded infrastructure projects.
  • It did not produce new concepts or frameworks, although it did prevent unneeded competition among essentially identical approaches bearing different names.
  • He pointed to officials in his district who spent millions on what he called an unneeded " Taj Mahal" administration building. News -
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  • All of them were just fine without me, so I felt unneeded, unloved, unwanted, and above all, a bit hungry.
  • Once an infertile woman has successfully birthed a child, then she and her partner may be asked to donate the unneeded embryos for research.
  • The bank, which like Fifth Third struggled during the crisis under real-estate loan losses, released $65 million in unneeded reserves. Regional Banks See Improved Earnings
  • Look for all sorts of unneeded dialogue in that scene.
  • I blamed him for all of the unwanted, unneeded and unrequited love that he forced me to feel.
  • Europeans are feeling unneeded and unnecessary, which many people here say they are.
  • No chance of rabies, and vets will often tell you the shots are ‘optional’ and unneeded for indoor cats.
  • It did not produce new concepts or frameworks, although it did prevent unneeded competition among essentially identical approaches bearing different names.
  • As a result, many of us have thousands of old, unneeded files -- a.k.a. "cruft" -- cluttering our hard drives. PCWorld
  • If management moves to raise efficiency and doesn't sell more cars, it will end up with even more unneeded workers.
  • The cuts come in response to a 1999 General Accounting Office study that found the V.A. was wasting $1 million a day on what it termed unneeded or unused facilities. CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2003
  • Rabbit, feeling incredibly unwanted and unneeded in the conversation, decided to get to work.
  • He wanted to ensure that the weight was distributed evenly so as not to put any unneeded pressure on the oaten hands. The Oaten Hands
  • In early 2002, the equivalent of an airmobile brigade group was deployed, but this formation was much smaller than the unneeded but planned-for division or corps-sized options.
  • Couldn't people be donating this unneeded disposable income to worthy causes, instead of sending little tokens to people they are never going to meet?
  • I can't say that because it implies that my contribution to the whole is unneeded and therefore unwanted.
  • If there's a place to store our unneeded goodies I shall probably mount a quiet campaign of no activity and hang on to the collection against a rainy day.
  • Anyone else's comments on our relationship are unneeded, unwanted and unwelcome.
  • Only the Third Brigade was going home, along with unneeded units, like the artillery battalions and the division's band.
  • Do look for brands that don't contain unneeded corn syrup. A Veggie Venture
  • What better place to put our unneeded and unwanted laborers?
  • For example, paying off your credit card balance or closing unneeded accounts could raise your score.
  • This country was in unneeded war, recession, poor health care, greed, foreclosure, bankrupt and joblessness. First on the Ticker: RNC Web video targets 'White House in denial'
  • The band's cryptic song titles provide unneeded obfuscation.
  • But suffice it here to offer a non-lawyer's view that a law that is almost never enforced is either unneeded or useless.
  • The bank released $500 million in unneeded reserves for credit costs, and its mortgage-banking income more than doubled to $232 million from $114 million in the second quarter. Regional Banks See Improved Earnings
  • To discover the mechanism that drives ganglioside-mediated protection from a-synuclein-caused cell death, Wei et al treated cells with a molecule that disrupts the function of lysosomes, cell components responsible for digesting unneeded and excess material in cells. Science Blog - Science news straight from the source
  • I am wary of unneeded redistribution programs, or a central wage setting, but market forces aren't even the best system around.
  • But (I think) all of the examples in those earlier discussions involved some kind of null complement, where an object is omitted as generic or habitual or anaphoric or otherwise unneeded.
  • If most mergers fail, might part of the problem be all those unneeded people who carried organizational memory in their heads?
  • But he railed against subsidies for ethanol producers and other provisions of the bill that he called unneeded, unnecessary, unwanted sweeteners ' ' to win votes for the package. Tax-Cut Bill Draws Wide Support in Senate
  • Towards the end of March, a collector will arrive to humanely dispose of the unneeded creature.
  • The ‘twist’ ending however, I thought was totally silly and unneeded.
  • A commodious dock box can be one of the most effective ways to reduce wasted fuel by giving you a place to store unneeded gear.
  • With the state in complete control, allowing poorly run or unneeded hospitals to close became virtually impossible.
  • Timely treatment will help prevent future disease and unneeded suffering.
  • Talk of my replacement made me feel unneeded and unwanted.
  • Being used to seeing products over-packaged with large amounts of unneeded packaging this came as a bit of a shock.
  • But do not do supercold temps: That causes the baby to shiver and raise the temperature more than is helpful to fight infection, as shivering generates unneeded heat. You Raising Your Child
  • It causes the kidneys to get rid of unneeded water and salt from the body into the urine.
  • Biodiversity is already perfectly adequate without our needing to create novel life forms, unneeded for nutrition and unwelcome in the marketplace, to correct God's lamentable oversights.

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