How To Use Unmasking In A Sentence

  • Therefore, our decision has been playing an extremely positive role in unmasking the US imperialist intervention to world's people.
  • Brown, author of Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free, does an excellent job of unmasking the mechanics of the game that swings advantage toward the casin -- errr -- banks. Mike Bonifer: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Game
  • You do more, under the pretext of unmasking yourself, you calumniate yourself. Les Miserables
  • The unmasking of Mr Kurras does not entitle Germans to pin the blame for Ohnesorg's killing on East Germany.
  • But in the course of unmasking them, the novel's hero, Justin Quayle, becomes ever more the white knight, superb and incorruptible in his quest.
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  • Washington is waiting to see if some of its most powerful figures will be charged for unmasking a CIA agent.
  • Another key figure in unmasking the predatory groups of men in Keighley is the town's MP Ann Cryer who began examining the issue of abuse more than two years ago.
  • But during scary times like these, says Dr. Hariri, 'environmental stresses can play a critical role in unmasking any underlying biases determined by your genes .
  • Only by unmasking a sinister conspiracy can he prove his innocence.
  • The unmasking of Mr Kurras does not entitle Germans to pin the blame for Ohnesorg's killing on East Germany.
  • * Unmasking disinformation | Kammerer new chief met at NBC-4 * Forecast: Sun, low humidity deliver two great days
  • In a basic sense, the new movement followed his precedent in unmasking the false poses and images of its era in order to refocus attention on the real racial issues facing America.
  • It was he who struck a match and carried out the dramatic unmasking of the villain.
  • But the process here is of unmasking: even though we're irritated and anxious, we're moving closer to seeing the true unfixed nature of mind.
  • The CIA succeeded in unmasking the spy who sold military secrets.
  • He both delights in and is shocked by the games played, unmasking them, playing his own fantastic counter-tricks.
  • Both critiques centre on unmasking the supposed disinterestedness of the academic establishment by contending that.
  • About the same hour, the Department of Paris presented an Address to the Convention, congratulating it on the steps it had taken for unmasking plots and traitors, and for once more saving the country from the brink of destruction; and it assured the Convention of its full co-operation in annihilating all seditious men. News Report
  • Furthermore, brain scientists have noted the pervasive nature of self-deception and of different species of "confabulation", and they have begun to make progress in unmasking the underlying neurological processes (Hirstein 2005). Emotion
  • Footsteps echoed through out the corridor as the light danced over its surface, scouring over the walls, unmasking the darkness and exposing all of the details beneath its harsh brutality.
  • The two most often cited explanations for this phenomenon are unmasking of the effects of deleterious recessive alleles and summation of the dominant effects of multiple loci brought together in the progeny.

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